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Roe & Co Irish Whiskey and an interview with Brand Ambassador Peter O’Connor

The launch of new Irish whiskey Roe & Co also sees Diageo return to Irish whiskey and the George Roe name return to bottles, plus there’s a new distillery in the works! We spoke to Roe & Co brand ambassador Peter O’Connor to get the full lowdown.
There are at least four stories in one here so let’s take a quick look at each before we get a bit more detail in our interview with brand ambassador Peter O’Connor. The new release Roe & Co Irish whiskey – available now – is a blend of single malt and grain Irish whiskeys matured in ex-bourbon American oak casks, with a high proportion of those being first-fill. Priced at around the £30 mark it’s bottled at 45% abv, non-chill filtered and aimed at the ‘premium’ market with cocktails very much in mind (as we’ll hear from Peter shortly). Diageo, of course, owned Bushmills for years from 2005 onwards but agreed to sell it to Casa Cuevo towards the end of 2014, which has meant they haven’t had a stake in Irish whiskey – the fastest growing spirits category in the world – for the last couple of years.


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An interview with Irish Distillers Master Blender Billy Leighton

We speak to Irish Distillers Master Blender Billy Leighton about Redbreast, the latest Irish Distillers news including Jameson’s renovated Dublin home and the growing Irish whiskey scene.
Continuing from yesterday’s Spotlight on… Redbreast + WIN an incredible one-off Redbreast drawn straight from a single Sherry cask!, we had the chance to catch up Irish Distillers Master Blender Billy Leighton this week about all things Redbreast, recent developments at Midleton and in Dublin, their new brand Method And Madness and also the many burgeoning Irish whiskey distilleries. The interview was originally going to make up part of yesterday’s post but once we got Billy speaking passionately about single pot still Irish whiskey we knew this was going to be a post of its own. Are you sitting comfortably dear reader? Then let’s begin…

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Spotlight on… Redbreast + WIN an incredible one-off Redbreast drawn straight from a single Sherry cask!

Redbreast whiskey

‐ Single pot still Irish whiskey is made using malted as well as unmalted barley (and up to 5% other unmalted cereals)
‐ The world’s best-selling single pot still Irish whiskey, the award-winning, rich and creamy Redbreast 12 Year Old is available for reduced price of £35.99 until St. Patrick’s Day!
‐ WIN two 70cl sample bottles of 16yo Redbreast drawn from a single Sherry cask selected by Master Blender Billy Leighton!

With St. Patrick’s Day (17th March) just around the corner, we’re looking at Redbreast Irish whiskey from the truly excellent Midleton distillery in Cork. To mark the occasion we’re also reducing the price of delicious Redbreast 12 Year Old to £35.99 (down from £40) until the big day, which means there’s literally no reason not to buy a bottle immediately! It’s the best-selling single pot still Irish whiskey in the world and an absolute award magnet that’s adored by critics, but there’s more… Everyone who buys a bottle of Redbreast 12 Year Old from now until the end of St. Patrick’s Day will be automagically entered into our draw to win 2x totally exclusive bottles (as in ‘2 of 2′) of 16 year old Redbreast drawn from a single Sherry cask selected by Irish Distillers’ affable Master Blender Billy Leighton! More…

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Method + Madness = A Whole New Range of Irish Whiskeys!

The marvellous minds at Midleton have unveiled a new series of Irish whiskey which “…aims to harness the creativity of Midleton’s whiskey masters through the fresh talent of its apprentices.”
They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Irish whiskey legends Midleton clearly do not subscribe to that train of thought if their freshly announced series of bottlings is anything to go by. The Method and Madness range is about giving in to the curiosity and experimental nature of whiskey production, with a careful mind to the history of expertise that can be found at the Midleton distillery.


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Become a Judge in the Battle of the Blends Challenge No. 2!

Whisky Mag Battle of the Blends

It’s time once again for a victor to be crowned in Whisky Magazine’s epic Battle of the Blends and you can be one of the judges! Simply pop a 1p(!) Judging Set into your Master of Malt order now.
Those of you who read Whisky Magazine will already be up to speed with their exciting second Battle of the Blends, and many of you will of course remember last year’s heavyweight bout. For those of you who haven’t followed its progress, we’re currently in the midst of another heroic blending tussle, this time between the reigning champion Neil ‘General Mashtun’ Ridley and George ‘Aegir’ Keeble to produce the perfect blended whisky and claim all glory!
Their whiskies have now been lovingly constructed and once again we’ve been working alongside Whisky Mag to find a winner in this fantastic contest. This means that there’s a chance for you to join the illustrious judging panel!


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Spotlight on… Connoisseurs Choice + Win a Bottle of Glen Grant 1952

Launched in the mid-1960s, Connoisseurs Choice is one of the world’s most comprehensive and fascinating ranges of independently bottled Scotch whisky on the market. The oldest vintage in the current selection dates all the back to 1938, and the whiskies come in all ages, from 5 to 75 years old! Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at this phenomenal range, as well as try a few delicious expressions. In fact, we’re even giving away a very special sherry-matured 1952 Glen Grant from the same bottler, worth £2,120. First, however, a little history…

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A Farewell from Master of Malt’s #WhiskySanta 2016

We hope you enjoyed #WhiskySanta’s biggest ever festive giveaway by far! The only thing left to say is…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!
This is the third year in which I’ve been spreading the festive cheer with Master of Malt and every time we do it it’s been much bigger and better. This year it was simply incredible with over £100,000 worth of gifts given away!
I gave out thousands of extra treats and even entirely free orders at the Master of Malt checkout as well as granting Christmas wishes on social media every day including the truly amazing £3,300 Macallan M Super Wish and the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 3cl bonus super wishes! Well over 40,000 wishes were made overall, with #WhiskySanta popping up on twitter timelines alone an extraordinary 35 million times! You can see a full list of the wishes I granted over on my original post and a selection of pics of your Christmas wishes coming true below…


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Whisky Advent 2016 Day 24: The Half-Century Blend

Well folks, we made it. Christmas Eve. The final day of #WhiskyAdvent. Time to open that last remaining window and see what deliciousness waits behind it…
You may be somewhat aware, but in case you missed it, let’s just go over this one more time – it’s almost Christmas! In fact, it’s bloomin’ Christmas tomorrow!!! A very exciting prospect, though somewhat bittersweet, as it means we’re onto our last day of #WhiskyAdvent. And while that itself is bittersweet, it’s also very exciting to see what’s going be behind window #24 of the Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar. Everything’s a circle, you see…


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Whisky Advent 2016 Day 23: Highland Park 12 Year Old

We’re so close to Christmas! Start wrapping the presents! Start assembling the cheeseboard! Start opening the penultimate window of the Whisky Advent Calendar!
It’s the 23rd of December, meaning after today’s dram, there will only be one lonely dram left in the Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar. #WhiskyAdvent is almost over for another year, folks! Today also stands as your advance warning to start assembling the post-Christmas dinner cheeseboard. Consider yourself forewarned and don’t you dare forget the camembert.
Behind window #23, you’ll be finding finding a dram of Highland Park 12 Year Old! A reliably excellent Scotch single malt from Orkney, just what you want on a chilly evening assembling cheeseboards (are we overstating the importance of these cheeseboard? No. You cannot overstate the importance of a cheeseboard).


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Whisky Advent 2016 Day 22: Buffalo Trace

Only three days of #WhiskyAdvent remain, and we’re returning to America from another dram of brilliant bourbon…
There’s only three drams left in the Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar! It’s also well worth noting (in exciting bold italics) that…

You still have until 9pm tonight to get your UK Mainland Christmas orders in!!!

With that aside, let’s take a look at what’s behind window #22… It’s Buffalo Trace bourbon! There’s been a lot of mentions of Buffalo Trace on our blog in the past few weeks, what with the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection dram lotteries, bottle lotteries and charity auctions (which are ending today) as well as #WhiskySanta getting his mitts on some of those drams to give away. Well, now it’s time to dive into a dram of their classic expression!


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