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Rum Accessories

Indulging in a fine rum is a journey that engages all the senses, and with our curated selection of accessories specifically designed for rum enthusiasts, that journey is elevated to new heights.

Our collection includes a range of glassware and tumblers meticulously crafted to enhance the rum-tasting experience. The right glass can make all the difference, allowing the aromas and flavours of the rum to unfold fully. We offer glasses that have been shaped to direct the spirit to the perfect part of your palate, ensuring that every sip is as satisfying as possible.

For those looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of rum, we provide sets of botanicals that serve as an invaluable tool for training your nose. These sets include a variety of scents commonly found in rum, allowing you to hone your ability to identify individual notes and nuances. It’s a fun and educational way to enhance your tasting skills, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of rum.

To create a truly immersive rum-tasting experience, we also offer rum-scented candles. These candles capture the warm, inviting aromas of rum, filling your space with a cosy ambience that complements your drink perfectly. It’s a delightful way to set the mood for a tasting session or simply unwind with your favourite rum in hand.

In addition to these essentials, our range of accessories also includes practical items such as jiggers for precise measuring, muddlers for crafting rum-based cocktails, and elegant decanters for storing and serving your prized bottles.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your rum-tasting experience, develop your sensory skills, or simply celebrate your love for this versatile spirit, our collection of accessories offers everything you need. So, dive into the world of rum with confidence and style, and let the journey of discovery begin.

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