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Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength Gin, robust in its flavour and history, is defined by an alcohol content of 57% ABV, a specification originating from the British Royal Navy’s practical need during the 18th century. The British sailors received a portion of their pay in gin or rum, and to ensure that their gin was not being diluted, they would test it by soaking gunpowder with it and then trying to ignite it. If it ignited, the proof was sufficiently high; 57% ABV was the minimum level that would permit this, which coined the term “navy strength”.

Making Navy Strength Gin

Although the production of Navy Strength Gin aligns with standard gin production practices — starting with a neutral grain spirit and incorporating botanicals through infusion or vapour infusion during redistillation - the elevated ABV results in a bolder flavour profile. Notable botanicals might include juniper, coriander, citrus peels, angelica, and orris root.

Several brands have historically embodied the Navy Strength category:


The brand’s historical relationship with the Royal Navy dates back to the late 18th century. Plymouth’s variant balances juniper with other botanicals, despite its high alcohol content.


With a version of gin that brings forth a remarkable juniper profile while also offering resonating notes of citrus and spices, Tanqueray has cemented its place in the category.


An American variant that intertwines diverse botanicals, including bergamot, to create a balanced, vibrant expression.


Navy Strength Gin, due to its robust nature, has been a preferred choice in various cocktails. The “Gimlet,” initially made with lime juice to combat scurvy among sailors, and the “Negroni,” a bitter yet refreshing concoction, are both historically and contemporarily relevant. Moreover, in modern bartending, its potent character works well in cocktails like “Martini” and “Tom Collins”, where its strong botanical profile can shine without being overshadowed.

Regional Specifications and Regulations

Legal definitions and Geographical Indications like the one once held by Plymouth have had a considerable impact on the gin industry, affecting regional production methods, ingredient sourcing, and flavour profiling.Navy Strength Gin, emerging from a maritime context, presents a spirited journey from its practical naval origins through its vibrant and bold flavour derived from diverse botanicals to its place in the contemporary spirits market and its pivotal role in both historical and modern cocktail-making practices. Its development, brands, and application in mixology underscore its lasting impact and continued relevance in the ever-evolving spirits industry.

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Bathtub Gin - Navy-Strength product image
Bathtub Gin - Navy-Strength
70 cl / 57% ABV
Full starFull starFull starFull starFull star
10 Reviews
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Plymouth Navy Strength product image
Plymouth Navy Strength
70 cl / 57% ABV
Full starFull starFull starFull starHalf star
11 Reviews
41.45 -4%
HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin product image
HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin
70 cl / 57% ABV
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10 Reviews
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Tarquin's The Seadog Navy Strength product image
Tarquin's The Seadog Navy Strength
70 cl / 57% ABV
Full starFull starFull starFull starHalf star
11 Reviews
44.90 -4%
Henstone Navy Gin product image
Henstone Navy Gin
70 cl / 57.3% ABV