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Japanese Whisky is big news – check out this blog category to find out the latest about Japanese Whisky and Japanese distilleries such as Yamazaki, Nikka, and Yoichi.

Q&A: Brian Ashcraft, author of Japanese Whisky: The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Desirable Spirit

Fancy finding out about Japanese whisky but don’t know where to start? ‘Japanese Whisky: The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Desirable Spirit’ certainly sounds like a good place to start. We chat to the author, Brian Ashcraft…

On the blog today we are delighted to have Brian Ashcraft, author of a beautiful book called Japanese Whisky: The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Desirable Spirit. It’s a brilliant introduction to a complicated subject and, just to make your life even easier, at the end Brian has picked his favourite Japanese whiskies from the Master of Malt range.


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Modern blended whiskies you’ll want to boast about

Blended whisky gets a seriously bad rap – call time on single malt snobbery, and stock your home bar with these modern blended whiskies (and blended malts) that equal far more than the sum of their parts…

In the age of the single malt, you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone who would freely admit that their favourite sipper is of the blended variety. For all intents and purposes, it’s the equivalent of wearing a Status Quo t-shirt to a Sex Pistols gig.


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The Nightcap: 15 June

Potential gin droughts and whiskey made with beavers. It’s all kicking off, isn’t it? The Nightcap is here to fill you in on this week’s booze news.

Look at a calendar. Or your phone. Or the bottom right/top right corner of your computer screen (dependent on what operating system you’re using). Notice that today is Friday. Revel in the joy of Friday, for it ushers in a new edition of The Nightcap, with all its booze news goodness. Revel in it. Go on. We’ll wait.


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Raise a glass to the Chelsea Flower Show with these floral whiskies!

This week, tens of thousands will descend upon the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to marvel at some of Britain’s most brilliant blooms. Indulge your inner Alan Titchmarsh with these fragrant drams – no green fingers necessary.

Chelsea Flower Show has graced the grounds of London’s Royal Hospital Chelsea every year since 1913 (except for during the two World Wars, naturally), in a room large enough to comfortably fit 500 London buses. This five-day floral spectacle is a British institution. It’s Crufts for flower fanatics.

If you’ve got hayfever just thinking about it, why not pay homage to horticulture from the comfort of your very own garden with a dram in-hand? After all, floral doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘perfumed’.

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The Nightcap: 18 May

It’s Friday, which means the weekend is here – and with it we’ve got another edition of The Nightcap! Read on for your handy digest of the week’s biggest booze news, all in one useful place!

It’s Friday, folks! Congratulations on making it through another week. It’s been a busy one in the world of all things sippable, so we suggest you get comfy, pour yourself a dram/G&T/anything else that takes your fancy, and join us as we recall another busy seven days in drinks.

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Science your way to a heavenly whisky Highball

Whisky Highball

No matter how devoted to the dram, pragmatic drinkers will admit there’s little joy in warm whisky on a baking hot day. Let London’s top bartenders equip you with expert tips and tricks to finesse your summer BBQ staple: the whisky Highball.

As the mercury rises in the UK, our thoughts turn to park picnics, beach BBQs and other sun-kissed gatherings. Straight whisky and searing heat do not happy bedfellows make, so honing your Highball technique is imperative.

The good news? You don’t need loads of fancy kit to craft this super-simple apéritif. “You can make a Highball anywhere, from your own kitchen to the fanciest bar you can imagine,” says Sean Fennelly, head of Fitz’s bar at The Principal hotel. “It should be as satisfying in your local pub as it would be from the American Bar at The Savoy.”

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Get in on the hybrid spirits trend with these delicious drops!

Any 2018 drinks trend round-up worth its salt will mention ‘hybrid spirits’. But what the hell are they, are they any good, and why should we bother anyway when the composite parts are already tasty on their own? We scoured the MoM warehouse shelves and found five delectable examples of the deliciousness that can occur when spirits worlds collide…

Gin that thinks it’s a wine? Whiskies made in one place and matured in another? Vodka with a hint of Cognac? For spirits purists (and many of the rest of us) the booze world has gone a bit bonkers of late. So-called hybrid spirits – where one or more drinks categories blur boundaries for a new expression, basically the Transformers of tipples – are billed as the innovative brave new world of liquor, developed to court picky consumers with a thirst for the original. But are they actually any good?

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Is this the world’s biggest Japanese whisky tasting?

Earlier this month, Mayfair bar Sexy Fish opened all 358 bottles in its Japanese whisky collection, from gorgeous everyday expressions to some of the world’s rarest bottlings. We hear from bars director Xavier Landais on how and why he undertook such an epic task, and what it’s like to taste such an incredible array of whiskies…

Japanese whisky is having more than just a moment. Earlier this year, a Yamazaki 50-year-old single malt bottling set a new auction world record, fetching almost £210,000 in Hong Kong. It’s become much harder for drinkers to get their mitts on even the most accessible expressions, especially after a 2015 decision from Nikka to discontinue all its age statement whiskies in most markets. With all this demand, we were intrigued by news that fancy London bar Sexy Fish had opened its entire stock of Japanese whisky bottlings – all 358 of them.

With some of these bottlings experiencing exceptional demand on the secondary market, hitting those lofty auction prices and stirring up all kinds of demand, why open the whole lot? Here, Xavier Landais, bars director at Caprice Holdings (parent of Sexy Fish), explains how a passion for truly understanding the Japanese whisky category and a desire to counter that investment culture informed the decision…

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Welcome to The Macallan Whisky Lounge: the UK’s first!

The Macallan Whisky Lounge

The rumours are true – The Macallan Whisky Lounge has hit the UK! We fill you in on all the details, talk to the bar manager about what to expect, and walk you through an exclusive World Whisky Tour…

It’s not often a celebrated whisky distillery opens a dedicated whisky lounge, but Speyside masters The Macallan have only gone and done just that. Located within Vauxhall-based European-Japanese fusion restaurant Four Degree, this is the brand’s first UK lounge, with the other situated on the second floor of the Galaxy Hotel in Macau, China (the Vauxhall location is thankfully a far simpler commute).


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Check out these heart-warming Valentine’s Day spirits!

In news that will come as no surprise to the romantic, the lovelorn and the rest, National Singles Awareness Day Valentine’s Day is upon us again (on the 14th, just like it was last year).

With the day in question approaching faster than Cupid’s arrow, here at MoM Towers we just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t make sure that you lovely lot knew where you could find the most delicious and delightful boozes for your nearest and/or dearest. So, we’ve compiled a handy list of Valentine’s presents for all you marvellous folk – we are good to you.


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