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Gin Special Offers

Welcome one and all to our Gin Special Offers page… We have a vast range of gins from across the globe at great prices and as part of exceptional deals. Whether you are a steadfast gin enthusiast or someone venturing into the world of this botanical spirit for the first time, our curated collection has something for every palate while providing marvellous value for any budget.

Gin, with its rich history and a myriad of styles, offers a unique tasting journey that intertwines tradition with innovation. Originating from Europe, it has burgeoned into a worldwide phenomenon, with distilleries from various countries and regions, each presenting their unique take on this versatile spirit.

London Dry Gin

Celebrated for its bold juniper character and dry palate, London Dry Gin is often considered the gold standard for gin. Brands like Beefeater and Tanqueray have become household names, embodying the quintessential London Dry style with their prominent juniper and citrus profiles.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin is a geographical style boasting a slightly sweeter and earthier profile. Plymouth Distillery is the only producer of the style, making gins which highlight both the naval history of the city and its gin, as well as a unique flavour profile.

Old Tom Gin

These are typically sweeter than London Dry. They are also often used in various classic cocktails, thanks to their rich, unique flavour—brands such as Hayman’s offer commendable representations of this traditional style.


Genever, or Jenever, the Dutch precursor to gin, offers up a maltier and often sweeter character, providing a fascinating look into the historical roots of gin.

New Western Gin

Contemporary style or New Western Gin is a playground for distillers like Hendrick’s to innovate, often softening juniper to accentuate other botanicals, creating a multitude of flavour landscapes to explore.

The creation of gin involves distilling neutral grain alcohol with a melange of botanicals, the only requisite being the juniper berry. However, gins can contain a diverse array of botanical ingredients, from classic coriander seed and angelica root to avant-garde additions like rose petals and cucumber, all contributing to the varied flavour profiles across different brands and styles.

While the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are historically pivotal in the gin industry, in modern times, gin distilleries can be found in numerous regions, from the classic offerings of Bombay Sapphire in England to the contemporary stylings of Monkey 47 in Germany, each bringing forth a unique exploration of botanical flavours.

Countries such as Spain, with its famed Gin Mare, and the United States, housing craft distilleries like St. George Spirits, have also markedly influenced the global gin scene, contributing to the rich tapestry of styles and flavours available in the market.

How to drink gin

Gin can be enjoyed in various forms – sipped neat, on the rocks, or as the backbone in a multitude of cocktails. The classic Gin and Tonic remains a perennial favourite. Meanwhile, the Negroni and Martini showcase gin’s capability to star in cocktails that range from bitter and complex to clean and elegant. Furthermore, gin’s botanical flavour allows it to harmonise beautifully in fruitier concoctions, providing both backbone and flavour in delightful summer cocktails.

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