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Gin and Jenever Samples

In the dynamic world of spirits, where the range of flavours is as diverse as the connoisseurs themselves, Drinks by the Dram offers a voyage of discovery with their range of 3cl samples of gin and jenever. This range caters to the curious and the cautious alike, allowing enthusiasts to sample a wide array of distilled delights without the commitment of purchasing a full-sized bottle.

The concept is simple yet ingenious. Whether it's a London dry gin with its crisp juniper notes or an Old Tom with its subtle sweetness, Drinks by the Dram provides these in miniature, hand-filled, wax-sealed servings. Similarly, for those who wish to delve into the world of jenever, the traditional Dutch spirit that gave birth to modern gin, these samples serve as the perfect introduction.

Each 3cl sample is a window into the essence of the full-sized spirit. It's enough to appreciate the botanical complexity of the gin or the malty depth of the jenever. Consumers can savour the taste, nose the aroma, and assess the spirit's body and finish, all the while not over-committing their resources. This tasting format is ideal for building a personal palate profile or hosting a tasting event with friends.

What makes the proposition even more attractive is the range on offer. Their collection spans from craft gins distilled in small batches to age-old favourites that have graced the glasses of generations. Some of these gins and jenevers carry the heritage of centuries-old distilleries, while others are the brainchildren of contemporary distillers who experiment with exotic botanicals and innovative distillation techniques.

For the adventurous, there's the opportunity to taste premium and even ultra-premium gins and jenevers that carry hefty price tags for their full-size counterparts. These samples allow for a taste of luxury without the extravagant cost, making rarities accessible to the wider public.

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