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White Dog Spirit Samples

American white dog, also commonly known as "white whiskey," "new make spirit," or "moonshine," holds a distinct position within the pantheon of American spirits. This clear, unaged whiskey is the raw, unadulterated spirit that comes straight from the still before it has had any contact with oak barrels. The result is a potent and often fiery liquid that carries the full flavour of its base ingredients - typically corn, rye, wheat, or barley.

Drinks by the Dram's offerings highlight the diversity within the white dog itself, showcasing the impact of different grains and distillation methods. Each sample encapsulates the essence of the distillery's character, giving consumers the chance to experience the unique profile of an American white dog without the commitment of purchasing a standard-sized bottle.

The history of white dog is deeply intertwined with American history, echoing back to the early days of settlement when farmers would distil their surplus grain to avoid spoilage and to make it easier to transport. It became an economic cornerstone for many, and when the U.S. government sought to tax whiskey production to pay for Revolutionary War debts, it sparked the infamous Whiskey Rebellion. During Prohibition, the production of white dog went underground, becoming the stuff of legend and the lifeblood of moonshiners who clandestinely produced and distributed it.

White dog's legal resurgence came with the craft distilling movement that has swept across the United States in recent decades. Modern connoisseurs and distillers have come to appreciate white dog for its robust and untempered character, which offers a pure expression of the distiller's art. The immediate impact of the grain is present in every sip, providing a sensory snapshot of the whiskey before oak ageing imparts its colour, complexity, and mellow character.

The production of white dog is straightforward in its process but intricate in its craft. Distillers mash their chosen grains to create a fermentable liquid called "wash." This wash is then distilled, often multiple times, to increase purity and alcohol content. The artistry of the distiller is critical at this stage; precise cuts must be made to separate the desirable 'hearts' of the distillation run from the harsher 'heads' and 'tails,' ensuring the resulting spirit is both potent and palatable.

White dog is typically bottled and sold at a higher proof, often reaching up to 125 proof (62.5% ABV) or more. Its taste is a direct reflection of its ingredients, often featuring a pronounced sweetness if made primarily from corn or a spicy, peppery kick if rye plays a starring role. Barley-based white dog can offer a more biscuity, cereal-like flavour, while wheat brings a soft, gentle sweetness to the spirit.

Sipping white dog offers an education in the foundational flavours of whiskey. It's a spirit that doesn't hide behind the influence of wood; instead, it's a bold testament to the quality of the mash and the skill of the distiller. While its intensity might be a shock to the uninitiated palate, its authenticity makes it a valuable experience for those looking to deepen their understanding of whiskey.

For enthusiasts eager to explore the myriad expressions of white dog without committing to a full bottle, Drinks by the Dram presents a compelling option. Known for the range of 3cl samples, this company enables connoisseurs to taste and compare a variety of white dog spirits in a manageable format. These samples offer an accessible entry point into the world of unaged whiskey and are perfect for those organising tastings or seeking to expand their whiskey horizons.

American white dog is a spirit that embodies the bold, pioneering spirit of the nation's distilling heritage. It offers a rare glimpse into the raw heart of whiskey, providing a tasting experience that is as educational as it is enlivening. With offerings like those from Drinks by the Dram, the adventurous spirit can journey through the landscape of American white dog one sip at a time, appreciating the unaged nuances that form the bedrock of all great American whiskeys.

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