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Cognac Samples

Drinks by the Dram has brought forth an exceptional opportunity for enthusiasts to indulge in the distinguished world of Cognac through their extensive collection of 3cl samples. Each sample encapsulates the essence of Cognac's grand tradition, offering aficionados a taste of luxury without the commitment of purchasing a full-sized bottle.

The notion of sampling Cognac before investing in an entire bottle aligns perfectly with the discerning practices of the spirit's devotees. The 30ml measures, meticulously prepared, serve not only as a means to explore and compare the nuanced profiles of different estates and ages but also to savour the craftsmanship of master blenders from the storied region in France.

Cognac, a spirit celebrated for its complexity and depth, is distilled from white wine and aged in oak barrels, gaining its character from the terroir of the region, the distillation process, and the intricate art of ageing. The variety available in these small samples spans from the young and vibrant VS (Very Special) category to the more mature and nuanced XO (Extra Old) offerings.

The 3cl drams come exquisitely presented, offering a sense of occasion with each tasting. The reduced scale of these samples liberates the enthusiast to journey through the categories of Cognac - VS, VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale), and XO - experiencing the gradual evolution of flavour and sophistication. It is an education in a glass, providing insight into why Cognac is revered as a drink of stature and celebration.

Not only do these miniature marvels present individual tasting opportunities, but they are also part of curated tasting sets thoughtfully assembled to guide one through the various expressions and styles of Cognac. These sets are an education in themselves, designed to enlighten the palate on the regional diversities and blending skills that define this storied spirit.

Whether one seeks to understand the influence of the Grande Champagne terroir, the boldness of a Borderies Cognac, or the rarity of a single estate's production, the range of 3cl samples offers a platform for discovery. With each dram wax-sealed and hand-labelled, the attention to detail echoes the craftsmanship of Cognac-making itself.

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