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Drinks by the Dram Samples

Drinks by the Dram has revolutionised the way enthusiasts and connoisseurs explore the world of spirits. Their 3cl samples offer a unique opportunity to taste a wide range of alcoholic beverages without committing to a full-sized bottle. This innovative concept allows for a journey through various categories of spirits, including whisky, gin, rum, vodka, tequila, brandy, mezcal, and more.


Perhaps the most celebrated of their offerings, the whisky samples span across regions and styles. From the smoky Islay Scotch to the smooth and mellow American bourbon, and the complex single malts of Japan, these samples cover an impressive range. They offer a chance to experience rare and aged whiskies, limited releases, and even some of the world’s most sought-after drams.


The variety of gin samples includes classic London Dry gins, contemporary craft gins bursting with unique botanicals, and even aged or cask-finished varieties. These samples are perfect for exploring the vast and evolving world of gin, with its multitude of flavours and styles.


The rum samples take you on a global journey from the Caribbean to Latin America and beyond. These include the rich and sweet dark rums, the light and mixable white rums, and the complex aged rums that are sipped and savoured. For those interested in the nuances of terroir and production methods in rum, these samples are an ideal starting point.


While vodka is often valued for its purity and neutrality, the range of vodka samples available showcases the subtle differences in texture, mouthfeel, and even flavour nuances. From traditional Russian and Polish vodkas to more innovative and craft expressions, vodka sampling can be an eye-opening experience.


Tequila samples dispel the myth that tequila is only good for shots. These samples encompass the young and vibrant blancos, the rested reposados, and the aged añejos, each offering a different insight into the world of agave spirits. Tequila sampling can be an exploration of the spirit’s complexity and versatility.


Brandy samples, including those from renowned regions like Cognac and Armagnac, offer a glimpse into the rich, fruit-forward world of this distilled wine. These samples are an excellent way for enthusiasts to delve into the nuances of brandy, from young and lively to aged and mellow expressions.


Mezcal, tequila’s smoky cousin, has gained popularity in recent years. These mezcal samples showcase the diverse range of flavours influenced by the type of agave used, the region of production, and the method of smoking the agave.

Other Spirits

In addition to these categories, Drinks by the Dram also offers samples of other spirits like liqueurs, grappa, calvados, and more, catering to a wide range of tastes and interests.

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