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From London Dry to Old Tom, from centuries-old distilleries to the newest craft innovators, every gin tells a unique story, and here at Master of Malt, we have gin for everyone. Let's dive into the fascinating universe of gin, a drink that has morphed from herbal medicine to a staple of spirited enjoyment across the globe.

The Classics: London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is perhaps the most famous category, known for its strict production methods and predominant juniper flavour. Brands like Beefeater, Tanqueray, and Gordon's have become synonymous with this style, offering a classic gin taste that is dry and crisp. These gins are the backbone of many traditional cocktails and remain popular for their consistency and reliability.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin, once a style of its own, now represents a geographic appellation produced by a single distillery in Plymouth, England. The Plymouth Gin brand stands alone, offering a slightly sweeter and earthier flavour than its London Dry counterparts due to a different balance of botanicals.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a sweeter version of gin that bridges the gap between the London Dry and the malty, sweeter Dutch Genever. It fell out of favour in the 20th century but has seen a revival with brands like Hayman's and Ransom. This style is essential for classic recipes like the Tom Collins.

Contemporary Craft Gins

The craft revolution has introduced a new wave of gin, often referred to as New Western or International style, where traditional juniper is present but takes a backseat to other botanicals. Brands like Hendrick's, with its infusion of rose and cucumber, and Monkey 47, laden with 47 botanicals, including lingonberries, have helped define this category. They offer a more modern, sometimes unconventional approach to gin-making.

Navy Strength Gin

For those who prefer something more robust, Navy Strength Gin, bottled at around 57% ABV, offers a punchier flavour and higher proof. Brands like Plymouth Navy Strength and Hayman's Royal Dock pay homage to the British Royal Navy, who famously proofed their gin to ensure gunpowder could still ignite if it was doused with spirit.

Flavoured and Infused Gins

As the gin market continues to expand, so do the flavours. Brands like Pinkster and Edinburgh Gin offer raspberry and rhubarb & ginger-infused gins, respectively, appealing to those who enjoy a fruitier, more aromatic profile.

Aged Gin

Not to be overshadowed, barrel-aged gins present an intersection between gin and whiskey. Few Spirits and Barr Hill are two such brands that age their gins in oak barrels, imparting a golden hue and adding vanilla and wood notes to the botanical mix.

Botanical Varieties and Experimental Gins

The exploration of botanicals in gin production is limitless. Brands like The Botanist highlight local herbs and flowers from Islay, while St. George Terroir Gin focuses on botanicals that evoke the forests of California. There are also experimental gins that push the boundaries of distillation and flavouring, like Cambridge Distillery's Anty Gin, which incorporates formic acid distilled from red wood ants.

From traditional London Drys that have anchored bars for over a century to craft gins that continuously redefine what a gin can be, our selection is a testament to the spirit’s versatility and enduring popularity. It's a treasure trove where both purists and experimentalists can find their preferred potion. Each bottle offers an invitation to explore gin’s past, engage with its present, and even get a glimpse of its future.

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