Yamazaki is one of the most well respected Japanese Whisky distilleries – read up on the latest Yamazaki news right here.

1897 Quinine Gin – supporting Malaria No More UK

  • 1897 Quinine Gin is made with cold distilled cinchona bark and citrus peels.
  • Over half the producer’s profit (at least £5 per bottle) donated to Malaria No More UK.
  • Saturday 20th August is World Mosquito Day, marking 119 years since the link between malaria transmission and mosquitoes was discovered in 1897.1897 Quinine Gin

This Saturday is World Mosquito Day. It’s the anniversary of the day on which Indian-born British Medical Doctor Sir Ronald Ross discovered the malarial parasite in the gut of a female mosquito in 1897. “With tears and toiling breath, I find thy cunning seeds, O million-murdering Death. I know this little thing A myriad men will save.” Ross was subsequently able to establish the complete life cycle of the parasite and lay the foundation for fighting the disease ever since, saving millions of lives.


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Charity Whisky Auction up to £1,700 per bottle!

  • The Wolfburn Inaugural Special Edition auction bottles are up to £1,700 each with just a few hours to go until the hammer claps down at 14:00 BST today!
  • After tax, everything raised over the £200 RRP will be donated to Malaria No More UK.
  • Every £5 raised is enough to buy, deliver and hang a mosquito net for a family living at risk from malaria in Africa – protecting their children whilst they sleep.Wolfburn Lottery and Auction

UPDATE: A total of £3,066.66 was raised for Malaria No More UK through the auction!

We’re on the home straight of our Wolfburn Inaugural Special Edition auction and the two available bottles of this brilliant single malt are up to £1,700 each with just a few hours left to go!

The bottle auction runs until 14:00 BST (GMT+1) today and everything raised over the RRP of £200 (net of any applicable VAT) will be donated to Malaria No More UK. This will support the charity’s tremendous work protecting millions of children and their families as well as unlocking funds and leveraging government policy to help bring an end to this preventable and treatable disease. Our previous auction for the Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 raised £2,800 for the charity, with these bottles set to top that figure!


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Lottery & Auction: Wolfburn Inaugural Special Edition

Wolfburn Lottery and Auction

We’re splitting our allocation of Wolfburn Inaugural Special Edition single malt whisky between a bottle lottery, an auction (with anything over RRP donated to our nominated charity Malaria No More UK) and a 3cl dram lottery. See the timeline below for when all this is going down.

Back in March we introduced a new solution for limited releases (you can read that post for a lot more information on the ‘why?’). It’s now time to put that into practice once again, this time for the Wolfburn Inaugural Special Edition. Just 875 bottles were produced, with only 100 available in the UK, and the whiskies used were selected by Distillery Manager Shane Fraser from some of the very first casks filled back in early 2013. Some liquid history from the new northernmost distillery on the Scottish mainland!

So, what to do with the 6 bottles – for which there’s sure to be huge demand – that we now have available having received our full allocation and updated our auction system?


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Yamazaki Lottery & Auction Roundup raising over £2,800 for Malaria No More UK!

Allocations Yamazaki

Now that the action is over, it’s time to let you know how it all went…

To recap, our allocation of Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 was 6 bottles, so we decided to have 4 bottles turned into Drinks by the Dram 3cl samples (drams) with a lottery that would give 90 people the chance to taste it, 1 bottle available through another lottery (with a nice message scribbled on the back to encourage the winner to crack it open), and 1 final unadulterated bottle was auctioned (with everything over the RRP of £200 going to charity). Much more on the ‘Why?’ can be found in the previous Yamazaki Sherry Cask post: Allocations, limited releases, bastards, speculators and gobshites.


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Allocations, limited releases, bastards, speculators and gobshites

Allocations Yamazaki


We last talked about this when we knackered up the release of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection back in November, but, well, there have been quite a lot of comments on the product page we’ve set up for the Yamazaki Sherry Cask Release Japanese Whisky (we don’t censor these, remember).


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A Goodbye From Master of Malt’s #WhiskySanta

Master of Malt #WhiskySanta

Merry Christmas!

What a festive season it’s been already! It’s been my absolute pleasure to grant 56 wishes (one every day since 30th October), and that’s not all! There have been plenty of other Christmas pressies, giveaways and special offers – a word on those Ask #WhiskySanta wishes first though… I received over 13,000 wishes in total and a big thank you to all of you for spreading the good word (#WhiskySanta was delivered to twitter timelines over 9.1 million times during the period!).


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#WhiskySanta Gives Away The World’s Finest Whisky

Whisky Santa Pug Yamazaki Sherry 2013

Since I began granting one Christmas wish per day, there’s been one product in particular that’s been rather popular on your wishlists. Some chap in a panama hat with fluorescent eyes said it was rather good or something. Not much call for panama hats at the North Pole, you know. Still, if there’s one thing I’ve learned travelling all around the globe every year it’s that it takes all sorts!


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Ask #WhiskySanta… He’ll grant one wish per day!

Whisky Santa Pug

Greetings, chums. It’s your favourite festive, omniscient, supernatural, heavily-bearded being here, Whisky Santa! Around this time of year, I always start feeling particularly generous. Usually I just give the reindeer some extra carrots and be done with it, but this year, I’m going all out with the presents for drinks fans. I’ve already upgraded 1 in 10 Whisky Advent Calendars to Premium Whisky Advent Calendars, and now, I’m going to grant one wish per day for you lucky people!


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Master of Cocktails – The Highball

Master of Cocktails The Highball

For this week’s #MasterofCocktails, we’re making a Highball. Incredibly refreshing, and probably in my all-time top three aperitifs. Well, top 5 anyway… (Martini, Negroni, Campari-Soda…) Yep. Top 5.

Now, whilst this may seem a very straight-forward cocktail (and in many ways is), it’s all in the balance and execution. I had one of my favourites a couple of weeks ago at Bincho (a Japanese Restaurant with its own ‘whisky joint’ in the basement), where they paired Hakushu 12 single malt with Fresh Mint.

We’re going to use Lemon Peel as the ‘garnish’ in our drink, but we want it to be very, very subtle. More on that later…


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Japan rules at World Whisky Awards 2012

Japanese distillers made a fine showing last night at Whisky Magazine’s 6th annual World Whisky Awards.

Yamazaki scooped the coveted Best Single Malt Whisky award for its 25 Year Old expression, while Nikka won the Best Blended Whisky category with its Taketsuru 17 Year Old.

This marks the second year in a row Yamazaki’s has triumphed, with their sublime 1984 vintage taking home the best single malt prize in 2011. More…

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