Allocations Yamazaki

Now that the action is over, it’s time to let you know how it all went…

To recap, our allocation of Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 was 6 bottles, so we decided to have 4 bottles turned into Drinks by the Dram 3cl samples (drams) with a lottery that would give 90 people the chance to taste it, 1 bottle available through another lottery (with a nice message scribbled on the back to encourage the winner to crack it open), and 1 final unadulterated bottle was auctioned (with everything over the RRP of £200 going to charity). Much more on the ‘Why?’ can be found in the previous Yamazaki Sherry Cask post: Allocations, limited releases, bastards, speculators and gobshites.

So, was it worth having a lottery for 90 drams? Was the expected interest as high as we were predicting? Well, a ridiculous 5,897 people entered the dram lottery so… yes. Yes, absolutely, was the answer to those!

Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 drams

Instagrams from lucky lottery winners @proteinandlightsabers and @goodfella.paul

Next up was the bottle lottery, which saw 5,623 people vying for the chance to purchase a single bottle at RRP! Andrew Popik emerging as the lucky winner and he’s planning to enjoy it with his chums. (So his olfactory bulb is safe!)

Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 bottle

Congratulations Drew – enjoy!

And so onto the auction… As mentioned, everything over the RRP of £200 is going to charity here. Specifically, it’s going to Malaria No More UK to support the excellent work they do protecting the millions of lives still at risk from the disease.

The winner wishes to remain anonymous, but thanks to them over £2,800 is going to Malaria No More UK, which is enough to either:

– buy, deliver and hang 560 mosquito nets to help at least 1,120 children sleep safely

– train 112 volunteers to test for and treat malaria

– buy malaria tests and treatment to help 2,800 sick children

– or help the charity continue its excellent and intelligent work leveraging government policy and unlocking the vital funds needed to make malaria no more

Malaria No More UK


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