St. Patrick’s Day is coming up fast. Irish whiskey is needed. But what if I could tell you that you could win a year’s supply of whiskey simply by buying a bottle of something beautiful?

We’ve teamed up with the masters from Midleton, Cork to give you the chance to celebrate St. Patrick’s by winning a year’s supply of Spot whisky. The brand dates back to 1887, when Ireland’s oldest wine and spirits merchant Mitchell & Son’s began sending empty casks of Port, sherry, Malaga, and Marsala to the John Jameson and Sons distillery at nearby Bow Street to be filled with spirit. The ‘Spot’ name derives from the practice of marking casks with colored spots to indicate age. This range includes expressions like Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue Spot, each offering unique taste profiles that blend pot still and grain whiskeys, aged in a variety of casks.

Spot whiskey is a premium Irish whiskey brand with a rich history and receiving one bottle as a gift would be a welcome present for any whiskey lover. But 12 bottles, one for each month, is a downright treasure trove. And that’s what you can win. Here’s the prize in full:

A collection of Spot whiskey

Spot whiskey is there to be won!

To enter the competition, you just need to purchase any of the following:

There’s no limit on how many you can buy and they’re all brilliant, so even if you don’t win, you’re still a winner. Because you’ve got some brilliant whiskey to enjoy.

Best of luck!