10 of the best gins with wonderfully unusual botanicals

Unusual Botanicals

Tired of typical tipples? This summer, make sure your new drink is a gin that stands out! We’re shining a light on ten of the most weird and wonderful gins that have the most intriguing ingredients…

The gin bubble simply refuses to burst. As more and more expressions hit shelves, back bars and home drinks cabinets, gin brands are all over the world need a way to stand out. What’s an enterprising, discerning distiller or rectifier to do? Look to the botanicals, of course!

By packing a peculiar botanical, the following gins have carved a singular path. Whether these additions are a reflection of the producer’s local area, or the result of radical experimentation, each and every one has found that distinctive can be delicious.


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Q&A: Andrew Auwerda, president of Philadelphia Distilling!


He’s helped build the company from the ground up, overseen the construction of a new distillery and managed the rise of the superb Bluecoat gin. Meet Philadelphia Distilling’s Andrew Auwerda!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a city all too familiar with revolution. But, after so many years spent outside of the national distilling conversation post-Prohibition, the town where independence was born probably didn’t expect to find itself at the forefront of the US craft revolution. Thanks to producers like Philadelphia Distilling, that’s all changing.

When its micro-distillery opened in 2005, it was one of only around 50 operating distilleries in the United States and the first craft distillery in Pennsylvania since Prohibition. But president Andrew Auwerda is used to beating the odds. In 1997, Auwerda established contemporary beauty brand Tony & Tina Cosmetics, which he sold eight years later for $5 billion. Philadelphia Distilling is enjoying a similarly impressive rise. In 2017, the brand moved operations to a beautiful $4.5 million distillery, a move that cements its stellar growth.

Auwerda’s commitment to a high-quality spirit with eye-catching packaging has struck a chord with gin lovers, who are turning to Bluecoat, the company’s core expression which was launched in 2006, in greater numbers than ever before. We spoke to the man himself to find out what life is like in the new digs, how to stand out in the crowded American craft distilling landscape, and why history is on his side…

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Liverpool Gin to open £1 million distillery!

The great distillery rush continues – Halewood Wines & Spirits-owned Liverpool Gin is the latest brand to announce plans for its own production site, and this one will include not one but two bars, a lab, and even a bartender school!

The distillery, set to open by the end of 2018, will cost £1 million to build, and the kit includes a 600-litre copper still.

Other production details are scarce at this stage, but it is clear this will be a super visitor-friendly site. In the lab, intrigued gin fans will be able to select their own botanicals and distil their own bespoke gin. In addition to the two bars (gin on the ground floor, dark spirits at the basement), there’s also food on offer, with guests able to choose from small tapas-style dishes and pizza. Delicious.

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Sun’s out, rum’s out! Pub sales soar as the sun shines

New data out today confirms what pretty much everyone already knew – when the sun shines on the UK, we head to beer gardens in our droves. During the near-tropical month of May, sales in pubs soared 3.5%!

We Brits love to talk about the weather. The only thing we adore more than talking/complaining/commiserating about it is basking in it when the sun shows its face. That, and drinking in it, of course.

And now there’s proof! The boffins at Coffer Peach Business Tracker have crunched the sums, and we collectively spent 3.5% more in pubs during sunny May compared to last year. But while we flocked en masse to beer gardens up and down the land, restaurants suffered, reporting a 2.1% drop in sales on average.

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Q&A: Kamm & Sons’ Alex Kammerling!

Kamm and Sons

As Mr Kamm’s Gin hits the shelves at MoM Towers, we find out all we can about the latest creation from the mind of Alex Kammerling, founder of Kamm & Sons. Up for discussion: why he swapped bitters for (juniper) berries, how bartending affected his process, and his thoughts on the ever-growing gin bubble…

Earlier this year a new gin hit the market. In this age of the modern gin-boom, it would have been understandable for this news not to have turned many heads. But Kamm & Sons is anything but ordinary and the recently released Mr Kamm’s Gin represents an intriguing new expression.

How does one go from bartending and brand ambassadorial roles to creating an aperitif and now a gin? Alex Kammerling knows. Over his 22 years in the industry he’s worked as a bartender at some of the finest establishments around, and has been involved in projects with likes of Bombay Sapphire, Campari and Grey Goose in various capacities. But now he is best known for the brand he created, Kamm & Sons. It’s only previous release was the well-received Kamm & Sons British Aperitif, so a gin marks a new direction for the company.

It’s a tough act to follow, but early signs suggest Mr Kamm’s Gin is up to the task. Hard work and patience paid off for Kammerling, who took more than two years and 180 distillations to create a gin he was happy with. The final product is built around a barley base spirit and boasts a selection of 45 botanicals, including hibiscus, fresh grapefruit, orange and lemon peels, rosehip, apricot kernel, ginseng, blue butterfly pea and citra hops and it’s been described as ‘fruitier than your grandmother’s jam cupboard’.

As World Gin Day approaches (Saturday 9th June), we thought it worth seeing what the Mr Kamm’s Gin fuss is all about. Who better to ask the man himself…


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From phoenix to dragon: How Welsh whisky rose from the ashes

Welsh Whisky

In celebration of St. David’s Day, we’re exploring the revival of Welsh whisky. Join us as we talk to Penderyn Distillery about identity and innovation, consider the category’s exciting future, and recommend some terrific festive tipples.

With the world whisky map ever broadening and countless distilleries popping up on almost every continent, malt enthusiasts have had plenty to choose from in recent times. However, with St David’s Day just around the corner (Thursday 1 March 2018) we thought it was an apt moment to champion the Welsh option. After all, its fledgling scene is producing some absolute corkers, and this looks set to continue over the coming years.


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London’s The Gibson joins forces with Copperhead to launch savoury gin

The Gibson

Welcome to the world of savoury gin! Esteemed London bar The Gibson has partnered with Belgian spirits producer Copperhead to create a gin that’ll shake up your Martinis, liven your tonics and spice up your life…

Even those with a fleeting interest in spirits will be aware of the sheer enormity of the gin category these days. Standing out in an era where there is a glut of juniper goodness has become increasingly difficult, and it really takes something quite special to make a lasting impression.


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Master of Cocktails – The Negroni

Master of Cocktails - the Negroni

Welcome to our new feature: Master of Cocktails!

Yep, we’re diving head first into the wonderful world of mixology with a new cocktail recipe for you each and every week.

On Sunday evenings I’ll be walking you through each new recipe on twitter via #MasterofCocktails, prior to them appearing in full on the MoM Blog the very next day!

So, without further ado, we’re kicking off with an absolute classic, and one of my favourite cocktails: The Negroni.

Suitably excited? Excellent. Let’s get cracking!


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