You may have noticed that there’s some kind of football tournament going on in Germany at the moment. It’s all over the telly. Yes, it’s the Euros, when Europe’s premier national football teams get together to kick a ball around and decide once and for all, who is best. Until in four years time, when they’ll do it all again because these lads really love their football.

Euro boozer

Everyone is talking about who is going to win. Apparently this year England are favourites so this almost certainly means another year of disappointment for English fans. Remember the so-called ‘golden generation’? We’re more interested, however, in what to drink while we watch the matches. Beer is the traditional accompaniment to a game of footer, and Germany is famously good at brewing beer. 

But there’s much more to European alcohol than beer. Every country has its speciality so we’ve picked out some of the favourites from eight leading footballing/ fermenting nations.  Right, let’s consume some alcohol responsibly in front of the Euros! Barmy army! Oh, that’s cricket, is it? It’s coming home, it’s coming home! Is that right?

The Euros of drinks

Scotland – Whisky

Scottish flag



Well, obviously it has to be whisky rather than Irn Bru. We are Master of Malt after all. We’ve come up with something absolutely perfect. It’s a blended Scotch whisky from That Boutique-y Whisky Company inspired by colourful Scots football commentator Allaster McKallaster. There’s only 304 bottles available so you better move quickly like (insert name of speedy Scottish centre forward past or present).

Blended Scotch – The McKallaster Edition (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) 50cl

Blended Scotch - The McKallaster Edition (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

The McKallaster Edition

France – Champagne
Euros of booze



If Scotland gets whisky then for France it has to Champagne. As Napoleon said, Champagne. In victory one deserves it, in defeat one needs it.’ So whether Les Bleu wins or loses, we won’t say no to a glass of Champagne especially when it’s as delicious as the all-pinot noir wine below from small grower-producer Gallimard Pére et Fils.

Gallimard Pére et Fils Les Riceys Blanc de Noirs 75cl

Spain – Brandy

Spanish flag



Spain is a drinks superpower with fantastic wines such as cava, sherry and Rioja and amazing spirits including gin and brandy. We’ve gone for a splendid Catalan brandy from Torres made with local grapes and solera-aged until it’s good and mellow. This would be splendid neat, in a Brandy Sour or mixed with coffee into the best Espresso Martini you’ve ever had. You’ll think you could win the Euros single-handedly after one of those. 

Torres 15 Reserva Privada Imperial Brandy 70cl

Italy – Wine

Italian flag


As well as being pretty handy at football, the Italians are also pretty nifty when it comes to wine. They’ve been at it a long time. The ancient Greeks referred to Southern Italy as Oenotria meaning ‘land of vines.’ We’ve gone for a fabulous Sicilian red that you could drink lightly chilled especially if there’s some seared tuna around – makes a change from crisps in front of the footie.

Vino Lauria Nerello Mascalese 2021 

England – Gin

English flag



What to choose from England? Today this country makes superb cider, beer, wine, whisky and more. We’ve gone for something ultra traditional, however, it’s gin – the most versatile of all the spirits. We reckon a nice not-too-strong G&T is the perfect way to enjoy it in front of the Euros. We’ve gone for Bathtub Gin because it’s just plain delicious. Cheers!

Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin 70cl

Bathtub Gin - 8 rules for the perfect gin and tonic

Portugal – Port




There’s only one drink that competes with the G&T for sheer summer refreshment and that’s the Portuguese equivalent: White Port & Tonic. It’s especially good made with Taylor’s Chip Dry, which was first created by Taylor’s back in the 1930s, and it’s a style that has held its own in the hugely successful port house’s range ever since. 

Taylor’s Chip Dry White Port 75cl

Germany – Bitters

German flag



There was some debate in the office about which one to include from Germany. Some wanted to go for the amusingly named brandy Asbach but instead, we’ve gone for the mighty Underberg! This is a delightful digestif made from a secret blend of herbs and spices – a bit like KFC. It’s great for settling the stomach and some people swear by it the morning after though we couldn’t possibly comment. 

Underberg (12 x 20ml)

Netherlands – Jenever

Dutch flag




From Holland, it had to be jenever, the original juniper-laced spirit which evolved into London dry gin. The Dutch version is richer because it’s made with a malt spirit, sweeter and sometimes aged in oak. It’s tremendous in an Old Fashioned or just sipped alongside beer – responsibly, of course. We’ve gone for the classic Bols Zeer Oude which comes in the classic stoneware bottle. 

Bols Zeer Oude Genever 1l