So – it’s that time of year again – Feis Ile, the Islay Whisky festival, time.

We went along for the first time last year, and despite several fates befalling us which wouldn’t have seemed out of place in the bible*, it was an absolutely awesome holiday strictly work-related event.

As a result, we’ve decided to go back again this year, en-masse for the full 8 days of the festval, starting next Saturday (26th May) and ending the Saturday after.

This year’s hapless miscreants (or as they will no doubt be known in a couple of weeks’ time ‘The Mainland Four’) will be Muggins here, Justin (our MD. He likes pies, manhattans, and over-complicating things), Gareth (our online editor. He likes singing folk music (there won’t be any of that), Martinis, and attempting to throw himself off cliffs in the highlands. More on cliffs later), and Cat (our marketing manager. She likes kittens, fluffy things, and the colour pink I’d imagine. Can’t think why she’s coming though. She’s a woman.

Now – we’ve decided to up the ante somewhat this year, and set you lovely lot a bit of a challenge. We’re going to be taking the Master-of-Malt-Mobile (MoMM), complete with unobtrusive decals, an artists impression of which you can find below.


Islay Comp
An ‘artist’s’ impression of the MoMM


All you need to do is take a photograph of yourself next to, in front of, or even in said vehicle (please don’t break it – I’ll get in terrible trouble) with the logos clearly visible so we can tell it’s definitely our car. Yep. Let’s go with that. Nothing pornographic please, and do please note that we’re going to publish all, or at least most of them on the blog too.

“But what will I win, you massively handsome man” I hear you cry? Well children…

Every photo submitted to us of one of our customers in front of the MoMM will win a 20cl, limited edition bottle of a blended whisky we’re going to create solely from whiskies we’ve acquired (I’m not going to use the word stolen unless it’s in a confession, and the plea-bargain is really good) whilst on the island – an idea stolen with very little apology from the lovely folk over at Cask Strength from their trip a few years back.

For the 3 photos we deem to be the best, and funniest, you’ll win not a 20cl bottle, but a full-sized 70cl version, signed by all four of us instead. Ooh. A competition within a competition. Fancy.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re going to be carrying a cargo of 3cl drams of varying yumminess with us. If you manage to find us in the vicinity of the aforementioned automobile, come and accost us, and you can have some free whisky.

So – best of luck chums, we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Incidentally – if you can be arsed, you can read about our trip last year – the posts are all here. They’re funny and informative, and mostly true:

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* The worst weather the island has ever seen (according to locals), a 2-day power cut making all the stuff in our fridge go off, Ridley Nearly getting blown off a cliff**…

**Nearly blown off a cliff, not nearly blown off a Cliff. What a difference capitalisation can make.