We’ve been back for a couple of weeks now and we’re slowly beginning to feel human again after the rigours of our ten days on Islay.

This year’s Feis Ile was quite an experience, from the fabulous food at the Lagavulin dinner to partying with the Balvenie boys, Cask Strength, et al in our very own hot tub.

Since we’ve been back, we’ve also been enjoying the entries to our competition, some of which I have peppered throughout this post.

stand fastlI thought I heard a bump

In our travels around Islay, the Malt Mobile garnered the attention we’d hoped it would. There is no better way to meet people than covering your Landrover Discovery in decals and throwing free drams of whisky out of the window – try it, you’ll see.

Despite treating the single track roads as a rally stage on more than one occasion, a healthy number of you managed to catch us in the act and snap yourselves next to the Malt Mobile. Well done everybody!

If you have not yet sent us your effort, if it is still residing in the memory of your mobile or lurking on your hard drive at home, get on and email it in!

Because every photo submitted to us of you or your nearest and dearest in front of the Malt Mobile will win a 20cl, limited edition bottle of a blended whisky we’re going to create solely from the whiskies we collected on our travels.

stand fastlSome people actually hired a private investigator

These are not just any whiskies mind you… the blend contains a healthy whack of every single 2012 Feis Ile bottling, every Port Ellen we tasted on iPEd (International Port Ellen Day) – in fact at the moment, the blend stands at about 10% Port Ellen thanks to some rather enthusiastic opening of bottles by certain members of our group who shall remain nameless  every whisky we tasted with the Lindores Club at Lagavulin hall some of the fine whiskies we dug out of the warehouse to fortify ourselves on our trip, and much else besides.

stand fastlThe fatal flaw in her plan was taking this picture after going through boot

What is more, for the three photos that make us laugh, cry or otherwise provoke a strong emotional response in the viewer, you will win a full size 70cl bottle of this ever-so-exclusive blend.