Master of Cocktails The Old pal

Right then – everyone about ready for a #MasterofCocktails?

This evening we’re going to make an oft-overlooked drink, the ‘Old Pal’. The use of Dry vermouth lends this drink a light and very ‘aperitiffy’ (definitely not a word) character which makes it a wonderful springtime drink.

We’re going to start off by summoning up the energy to get off the sofa and walk over to the bar.

Master of Cocktails

This is arguably the hardest and most involved part of the drink.

Master of Cocktails

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

So – to build this – we’re going to go with 40ml Smooth Ambler Rye:

Master of Cocktails Old Scout Rye

Follow that (into a stirring glass with ice) with 30ml Campari.

Master of Cocktails Campari

Then 30ml Dry Vermouth. I’m using Carpano. It’s new and exciting, and that makes me cutting-edge.

Master of Cocktails Carpano Dry

Now give it a good old stir for 45 seconds or so, to chill and dilute.

Master of Cocktails

Strain into a martini glass, and marvel at its colour.

Master of Cocktails

Lemon twist (but just a small one – I’m using a Canelle Cutter).

Master of Cocktails

Garnish and Serve. The Old Pal. Shares a lot with the Boulevardier, but definitely pre-dinner…

Master of Cocktails




Send your Old Pal pics to @MasterofMalt and we’ll post them on the blog, like @MarkStuttard‘s here:

Mark Stuttard Master of Cocktails

Cheers Mark!

If you fancy joining #MasterofCocktails on twitter from 6pm on Sunday, here’s what we’ll be using:

Master of Cocktails

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Bathtub Gin, St. George Raspberry Liqueur, a Lemon and Eggs.