Country American Liqueurs
Distillery/Brand St. George Spirits

St. George Raspberry

The St. George Raspberry Liqueur starts its life as the excellent St. George Raspberry Brandy. Yummy, jam packed with berry notes, all that good stuff. To this, the cool Californians add gorgeous fruit juice to bring it down to 20% ABV. Ta-da! A lip-smacking Raspberry Liqueur, perfect for cocktails, digestifs or even as a topping for puddings. Imagine this drizzled over a dark chocolate tart. Now acknowledge the smile that's just spread across your face. Yep. That.

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St. George Raspberry
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Allergy information

Sulphur Dioxide / Sulphites Yes
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Reviews for St. George Raspberry Liqueur
Like being punched in the mouth by a ripe raspberry!
St. George Raspberry Liqueur is the very essence of the best raspberry you've ever tasted. Liqueurs can taste like flavored sugar syrup, but not this one. It tastes of RASPBERRY. Perfectly balanced to deliver a mouthful of pure summer. I've given this as a gift many times, and the recipients fall immediately into two camps: binge (shall we finish the bottle now?) or hoard (One poured it over ice cream, took a bite, did a double take, got up, stoppered the bottle and removed it from the table, racing back to finish her ice cream!)
Kelley , United Kingdom
7 years ago