Master of Cocktails Candy Apple Jack Hammer

It’s the return of #MasterofCocktails! And there are a few changes to the format… We’re going to be making this a much less step-by-step affair – in return though, you’ll be getting more advanced, exciting cocktail recipes, with more focus on presentation and garnish. We’re also moving to once a fortnight, although still at the usual time of 6pm Sunday on twitter and on the blog the very next day.

List of Ingredients

Stir, strain, orange twist, pickled candy-apple garnish.

Master of Cocktails Ingredients

For the garnish, the candy-apples were pickled for 5 days in sugar-heavy brine with cinnamon, clove, orange and allspice:

Master of Cocktails Candy-Apples

Heavy pinch salt, 3 big spoons Demerara sugar, spices, cider vinegar and immature apples in vac pac

Then dipped in caramel (at 180°C):

Master of Cocktails Caramel Candy-Apples

They’re immature apples from my trees incidentally. The juxtaposition between the pickle and the sugar here is amazing. I’m a big fan of this drink, it really brings out the juiciness of the apple brandy, without being cloying. The Candy-Apple-Jack-Hammer:

Master of Cocktails Ingredients