50cl Handmade Cocktail Company 2015

The Handmade Cocktail Company‘s range of Pre-Bottled Cocktails has had a bit of a shake-up! From today, the entire 2015 selection will be available in 50cl bottles alongside the award-winning 70cl editions that were first launched over four years ago.

As well as updated recipes, there’s also a brand new addition for 2015 – another graduate from the Experimental Series: The Boulevardier! Do you enjoy a delicious Negroni? How about a classic Manhattan? Well if you answered yes to either or both of those questions then you’ll love The Boulevardier, made with top quality bourbon with a very high rye content, a blend of sweet vermouths and classic bitter apéritif. That said, if you like a Negroni or Manhattan, they’re available from The Handmade Cocktail Company too!

The 50cl range is completed by The Old Fashioned, The Martinez, The Vesper, The Hanky Panky, The Vieux Carré, The World’s Best Cocktail (the one with a bit of absinthe in it) and, of course, the classic Gin Martini.


50cl Handmade Cocktail Company 2015

The Boulevardier 50cl – 30.3%