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Johnnie Walker is one of the most popular whisky brands in the world, with the classic Johnnie Walker Black Label, Blue LabelGreen Label and Red Label being particular fan favourites. Check out the latest Johnnie Walker news right here.

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Johnnie Walker F1

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    The Nightcap: 11 May

    Folks, it’s Friday! And it’s been another busy one in the world of drinks. Thank goodness then for The Nightcap, a handy round-up of boozy goings on in one easily sippable digestif!

    This week we have news of a rather exciting Game of Thrones/whisky tie-up, awards galore from Spirit of Speyside, a bold new bottle design and a Tabasco sauce update. Oh yes!

    But first, we must recap the week that was, and for us on the UK it was a short one after the Early May Bank Holiday! So after a Monday snooze, on Tuesday we caught up with Cara Laing, director of whisky at independent bottler Douglas Laing, as the family-owned company marks its 70th anniversary. Then it was all about The Glenlivet on Wednesday, as the Speyside distillery revealed the results of a dabbling in Cognac cask finishing. We also checked in with the team at Scarfes Bar, London – the new recent history-inspired menu is sure to be a hit.

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    Diageo to invest a whopping £150 million in whisky tourism!

    Diageo has announced plans to create a state-of-the-art Johnnie Walker visitor experience in Scotland’s capital, as well as upgrading its existing 12 distillery visitor centres – a project that encompasses an investment of £150 million in Scotland’s whisky tourism sector.

    Distillery visitor centres and whisky experiences have become essential pilgrimages for many whisky enthusiasts around the world, and Diageo has announced plans for a £150,000,000 investment over three years in Scotland’s whisky tourism sector. You’d best get preparing your suitcases, travel kits and holiday shorts.


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    International Women’s Day with… Emma Walker of Johnnie Walker

    International Women’s Day

    Did you know almost half of Johnnie Walker’s 12-strong blending team are women? This International Women’s Day, blender Emma Walker explains her role in the world of whisky production, shares tips for breaking into the industry, and reveals what it’s like to work for a business that makes equality a priority…

    If there’s one spirits firm leading the charge on female representation in the workplace, it’s Johnnie Walker owner, Diageo. The business has one of the highest ranked boardrooms in terms of gender parity among FTSE 100 companies; by April, 50% of its board will be women.

    Presently, 40% of its global executive team are female, including the president of Diageo North America, the global chief marketing officer and chief financial officer. The firm recently backed advertising movement Free the Bid, and now its agencies and producers are required to put forward at least one female director for every project.

    This progressive ethos extends to Johnnie Walker, which (as you’ll be more than aware) recently introduced a female version of its iconic Striding Man, called Jane Walker, who features on a special edition bottling of Black Label for Women’s History Month. The bottle shape is unchanged. Inside? The same liquid. Jane has adopted the same pose; wears the same walking stick and hat as the original icon. She is, quite literally, a female version of the Striding Man. For these reasons, Jane is a symbol of empowerment and equality.


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    Make room, Johnnie! Jane Walker has arrived

    Jane Walker

    The rumours are true! Diageo has introduced a female counterpart to Johnnie Walker’s iconic Striding Man with a special edition Jane Walker bottling…

    Whispers of a Jane Walker whisky have been circulating since the US presidential election in 2016, but until now they’ve remained just that. Well, speculate no longer: Jane Walker has landed, perched atop a limited edition run of the Johnnie Walker brand’s 12 year old Black Label blended whisky.

    The Striding Man may have represented the brand for more than a century, but that’s not to discount the significant role women have played in the brand’s long and storied history. John Walker & Sons bought the Cardhu distillery from owner Elizabeth Cumming back in 1893, and this key single malt makes up the heart of Black Label. Elizabeth Walker, wife of founder John Walker, was “fundamental” to the creation of the first blended whisky, and helped to manage the first Walker grocery shop.

    Diageo is well-known for championing female representation in the workplace, and Johnnie Walker is no exception. Today almost half of the brand’s 12 blenders are women, with female leaders in the marketing and executive teams, too.


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    Jane Walker: Is Johnnie Walker about to introduce a female counterpart?

    Jane Walker

    As the conversation around tackling gender inequality and championing female empowerment develops, could Diageo be planning to launch a female equivalent of the Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky brand in the form of Jane Walker?

    Apparently so, if a report from highly reputable (ahem) celebrity gossip site TMZ is correct. Diageo “filed paperwork in early January to trademark the name Jane Walker for all alcoholic beverages except beer”, the article states, citing “new docs” as a source.

    Entertainment news source aside, it seems that it’s not the first time the company has toyed with the concept. Around the time of the 2016 presidential election, advertising trade publication Adweek wrote that plans for a Jane Walker ad campaign were underway – but the campaign was scrapped after the result was announced.


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    New Johnnie Walker – made with whisky from silent distilleries!

    Johnnie Walker

    When we’ve not heard from the folk at Johnnie Walker for a while, it usually means they’re up to something. As it transpires, they’ve been busy raiding the likes of Brora, Cambus, Pittyvaich and more to concoct their latest creation: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare.

    It’s the first in a series of special releases made from a combination of liquids from “ghost” distilleries (hence the name) and “rare” malt and grain Scotch. Each edition is created with one select distillery at the heart of it – Ghost and Rare champions Brora, which, tellingly, is destined to reopen in 2020.


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    The Return of Johnnie Walker Green Label!

    Johnnie Walker Green Label

    We’re delighted to announce that Johnnie Walker Green Label has returned to the UK and reclaimed its place in the Johnnie Walker range!

    First introduced in 2005, in 2012 it was announced that the 15 year old blended malt whisky was to be discontinued, to the disappointment of its many fans (although it was never actually removed from all markets worldwide). In 2015 it was reintroduced in North America on a temporary basis to mark its tenth anniversary, but its long term future still hung in the balance.


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    Jake & Sam’s Top 10 Greatest Ever Whisky Appearances in Film & TV!

    Top 5 Whisky Film TV

    Something of a rarity this – a joint blog post! Jake and Sam are proud to present our top whisky appearances on the big and small screen.

    So, with Blur’s new album still relatively fresh off the press, we give you Whisky & TV! (You know, like Coffee & TV… Geddit?)

    Sam: If you’re going to call it that, I’m going to make my own list.

    Jake: But…

    Sam: Yeah. I’m definitely just doing my own list.

    Jake: Fine, after you then. I didn’t want any of your suggestions in my (super-fun-better-than-Sam’s) list anyway.


    [Jake holds back tears long enough to look a bit sulky.]



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    The London Whisky Weekender – A Weekend of Whisky Fun (In London)

    Whisky Weekender

    What are you doing on May 16th to May 18th? If you’ve got plans, cancel them. If you don’t have plans, make some and then cancel them, because the wonderful folks from The Whisky Lounge are putting on The London Whisky Weekender, a weekend-long celebration of whisky from around the world, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

    The Whisky Lounge are good peoples. They’re devoted to educating, entertaining and generally making the world of whisky not feel like an impenetrable wall of arduous lexicon that you need to attack with a shining silver sword to get any joy from. With a mission statement of “Turn Everyone on to Whisky”, we couldn’t think of a better bunch to put together a whisky festival in the country’s capital.


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