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Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky

(70cl, 40%)

Johnnie Walker Red Label
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Johnnie Walker Red Bottling Note

Red Label was created by the Johnnie Walker company in 1909, this is a classic blended whiskies, a great mixer and back bar favourite.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: A surprisingly rich, aromatic nose with heather honey, mixed peels, soft smoke and rum spice.

Palate: Cedar wood, oak and butterscotch, aniseed, Christmas cake and malt.

Finish: Long, spiced nose with smoke on the tail.

Reviews for Johnnie Walker Red Label
Still A Classic
I can't say many of the reviews here surprise me. There's an awful lot of whiskey snobs out there! I don't think there's a better whiskey out there for the money and better than some at twice the price. For $25 or less you get a nice, smooth blend with a decent nose and flavors. I personally like a whiskey that hasn't had all the character blended out of it just to make it smooth. After single-malt prices became (for me) prohibitive, I re-discovered the basic blends like JWR, JWB and Dewars 12. My ego doesn't care, just my taste buds.
one year ago
No frills whisky for those no frills moments
I could talk about how the nose lacks brine and fruit cake, I could say that this whisky is bad because it hasn’t got toffee apple or dried fruit for a taste or that the finish doesn’t linger and doesn’t have the long smoky finish. I could say lots about what this scotch doesn’t have like many on here, but I won’t.....instead I’ll say what it does have. It has a smell of standard whisky, tastes like standard whisky and gets you sozzled like standard whisky. This isn’t for drinking with friends for you all to appreciate it’s mellow, lingering flavour. This is for drinking a big tumbler’s worth after a long day’s work on a Wednesday just to take the edge off. And it does it well. So no hate for this drink. Taste isn’t bad and does what you’d expect it to for the price.
one year ago
Drinking Whisky
I used to have a friend who said there is drinking whisky ( Blended ) and there is sipping whisky
( Malt ) also there is NFS whisky ( not for sharing cause it is the best). This is every day drinking whisky which can be mixed and shared. A hint of smoke and if I am honest and not drinking with my eyes like a lot of these revues , very drinkable during the week. You can come home after a very stressful day . pour one of these with a drop of coke and just chill. Fantastic o !!!!!!!!!!
, United Kingdom
one year ago
I bought this today because the options were limited. I bought it with some trepidation if I'm honest.
I think it might be better now than it was. I seem to have some dredged-up memories of turps from decades ago, but this is definitely drinkable. There's even been some effort by (or permission given to) the blender to hint at a "house style". I like the mouthfeel, it's a nice colour and while there is a touch more harshness from the grain than I would like, there is also a touch more quality malt than I expected.
Would I have bought a Dewar's or Jameson if that had been an option? Yes.
And a bottle of Baillie Nicole Jarvie from 20 years ago would put it to shame!
But honestly, it's no longer a con. Just a bit overpriced.
one year ago
Cheap and avilable. Buy if there is no other avilable.
Not as bad as I remember this blend from years ago. But bad.
Definitely dry end, alkoholic feel. Not great.

There are positives. Barley feel and some sweetness to it. Some fruits and stuff. I was looking for any smoke but did not found. Add some water to smooth it a bit. Realy get this aired and left for some time to drop some of the heavy spirit notes go away.
For mixing Id go for something with more vailla. I dont do drinks so opinion is for flat.

This is totally entry level stuff. I am sure you can get better drum for the money. I see no reason to but this ;)

If johny, get the black one. Both black and double black had better times but still are decent and can be called a whisky.

Alright. This is avilable everywere and cheap. Here you have all the benefits.
one year ago
Leather and oak
My least favorite whiskey/scotch. It tastes like a mixture of leather and oak to me. After seeing “smoke” in another review I see that in there too. My boss gave this to me for Christmas and I gave it away.
2 years ago
Get down the drain!
Standard disinfectant style blend, one for mixing and novices.
, United Kingdom
2 years ago
Very rough, not enjoyable at all. I will normally find the positive in (almost) any whisky but I really didn't think much of this one.
2 years ago
Not impressed
Not one of the better blends, I’ve had worse but would be in no hurry to drink this. Firmly at the back of the bottom shelf
, United Kingdom
2 years ago
Keep in the fridge. 2 Hours before drinking brings out the sweetness and flavours
I love it. Being a cheap end jhonnie walker I like it. I don't agree with some of the nose pallet and finishes of the above. I get sweetness barely and a very light smoke. After it settles on the pallet I get apple hints of caramel and fruit flavours. The finish is nice fruit and spice. Maybe because I keep it on the pallet for about 15. 20 seconds. Well that's my take on the johnnie walker red label
2 years ago

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