The Nightcap: 3 August

Down tools, unplug the laptops and close those books, folks. It’s Friday, it’s the weekend and The Nightcap is here with your latest measure of boozy news!

Helloooooo Friday! You’ve made it to the weekend. Well done, one and all. And, as has become custom here at MoM Towers, we have The Nightcap here for you – our handy distillation of the week’s biggest drinks stories in one easy-to-digestif post.

But first, let’s recall the week that was over on the blog!


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Celebrate World Whisky Day with the The Malt Whisky Trail

The Malt Whisky Trail

With World Whisky Day taking place this Saturday, here at MoM Towers we thought we’d showcase The Malt Whisky Trail, a wonderful trek through stunning Speyside featuring classic distilleries and plenty of sublime Scotch whisky

How are you planning on spending this World Whisky Day (Saturday 19th May – come to think of it, I have a feeling there’s some big event on that day…*)? I’m sure we’ll all enjoy some great whisky first and foremost, maybe even schedule a distillery visit, or try a new expression or style.

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The Nightcap: 11 May

Folks, it’s Friday! And it’s been another busy one in the world of drinks. Thank goodness then for The Nightcap, a handy round-up of boozy goings on in one easily sippable digestif!

This week we have news of a rather exciting Game of Thrones/whisky tie-up, awards galore from Spirit of Speyside, a bold new bottle design and a Tabasco sauce update. Oh yes!

But first, we must recap the week that was, and for us on the UK it was a short one after the Early May Bank Holiday! So after a Monday snooze, on Tuesday we caught up with Cara Laing, director of whisky at independent bottler Douglas Laing, as the family-owned company marks its 70th anniversary. Then it was all about The Glenlivet on Wednesday, as the Speyside distillery revealed the results of a dabbling in Cognac cask finishing. We also checked in with the team at Scarfes Bar, London – the new recent history-inspired menu is sure to be a hit.

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Happy 120th Anniversary Glen Moray! Part 2: Graham Coull Q&A

Back in September we joined single malt Scotch whisky maker Glen Moray to mark the distillery’s 120th anniversary. While we were there we caught up with distillery manager Graham Coull to discuss how Glen Moray – and the wider industry – has changed during his 12 years in role.

Time flies when you’re having fun. This is possibly the most belated follow-up post ever – Glen Moray’s epic 120th anniversary bash feels like it was yesterday, but in fact took place back in September. We just wanted to extend the celebrations!

You can catch up on events and get a feel for Glen Moray’s history in this earlier post. While we were up in Scotland with the Glen Moray team we grabbed 10 minutes with Graham Coull, only the fifth distillery manager in the brand’s long history. He took the helm in 2005, when Glen Moray was still owned by the Glenmorangie Company. The distillery was taken over by French drinks group La Martiniquaise in 2008 – and if you think September to November 2017 zipped past, it’s extraordinary just how much has happened at Glen Moray under Coull’s tenure.

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Happy 120th birthday, Glen Moray! Part 1: The innovator

Last week we travelled up to Speyside to join Elgin-based distillery Glen Moray for its 120th birthday celebrations. But far from looking backwards, we discovered a disruptively modern trailblazer with a whole host of unexpected developments going on behind the scenes…

1897: William McKinley became the 25th US president. Horror classic Dracula by Bram Stoker was published. The UK got its first-ever official bus service. And the Glen Moray distillery fired up its stills for the very first time.

Booze-making on the site can actually be traced back to 1830: before the first stills arrived, the land, tucked in on the edge of Elgin, was home to the Elgin West Brewery. The first spirit ran on 13 September 1897, and from day one the distillery’s made use of some pretty unusual casks – more on that later. Exactly 120 years after that first distillation we retraced the founders’ steps through the distillery, and then partied in style…

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New Product Range: DARKNESS! Single Malt Whiskies

DARKNESS! Single Malt Whiskies

Doesn’t really take a huge deal of explanation, this one, does it?

What we’ve gone and done is take a range of delicious single malts, and finished them for a touch over 3 months in specially commissioned, 50 litre, First-Fill Sherry casks.

Traditionally known as ‘Octave Casks’, these smaller-than-average maturation vessels give a significantly greater surface area to volume ratio, meaning more cask-influence, and more of that superb rich, Christmas-cakey deliciousness that we all know and love from heavily-sherried whiskies.


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North British, Dailuaine, Glen Moray, Tomintoul and Auchroisk. New Whisky from That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

North British, Dailuaine, Auchroisk, Tomintoul, Glen Moray That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Would you believe it’s been over a quarter of a year since the last batch of releases from That Boutique-y Whisky Company? Amazing. It’s almost like we had other stuff on.

Well – all that ‘being about the place’ nonsense is behind us now (for a bit), and due to a freshly sustained ankle injury (The other one for those of you paying attention. Gah) I’m at liberty to take a few moments to tell you about the new releases which sit before me today.


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Duncan Taylor Dimensions Tasting…

This morning I mentioned to Ben it was high time we posted something on the blog for this week, his suggestion:

“Something about whisky. We don’t do enough of that.”

To be fair, he has a point. We’ve been so caught up in the recent excitement of Christmas, making and launching new stuff, and my imminent emigration, that we’ve neglected that one little thing we’re here to write about first: Whisky!


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Compass Box Lady Luck

 Compass Box Lady Luck Many of you will be familiar with Ardbeg Serendipity; a 12 year old blended malt that sprung, rather fortuitously, from a little carelessness at the bottling plant. A few casks of very old Ardbeg were accidentally vatted with a small portion of young Glen Moray (a distillery which was also under Glenmorangie PLC’s umbrella at the time).


It’s the sort of story that sparks controversy. Perhaps it was indeed a little too serendipitous and might sound more like the work of a well paid marketing department than that of a hapless blender. At least a great whisky came out of it – which is the bottom line after all.


When John Glaser of Compass Box created Lady Luck, the inspiration was “a lucky blend.” Sound familiar?


John vatted 25 and 29 year old casks of Caol Ila – a malt known for its oily, smoky character – and some 14 year old Imperial – a sweet, smoky Speyside. It sounds like the perfect marriage, let’s find out…


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