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English whisky. That’s a phrase you barely heard even a few years ago, but English whisky production is on the up and there’s a lot of exciting news dropping about new releases. What this space as the news emerges.

We paid a visit to Copper Rivet in Kent

What’s more exciting than a local whisky distillery? One that makes gin, vodka and an intriguing Port-like wine, too! We have a nose around Kent’s Copper Rivet distillery and get to sample some very intriguing spirits indeed…

The building that houses the Copper Rivet Distillery looks like it should be in a piazza in Siena rather than amongst the retail parks of what used to be the Royal Naval Dockyards in Chatham, Kent. A former pump house, it lay derelict for years until it was spotted by Matthew Russell who was having a picnic over the River Medway at Upnor Castle. His family had been looking all over the country for a place to start making gin, but when he saw those Italianate arches, he thought “bingo” (or perhaps “gingo”).


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London Rye and beyond: East London Liquor Company on English whisky

Last week, East London Liquor Company steamrollered its original crowdfunding target of £750,000 in a mere 24 hours. Here, founder Alex Wolpert reflects on four transformative years, details the distillery’s next steps, and anticipates the future of English whisky with his hyper-local London Rye.

“It’s been quite a week,” a humble Wolpert tells me over the phone, and I don’t doubt him for a second. The gin, vodka and whisky distillery – east London’s first for more than a century – exceeded the £1 million marker of its Crowdcube campaign within four days, with investments ranging from £10 to £175,000. At the time of writing, ELLC is making clear headway on its amended target of £1.5m.


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Q&A: The Lakes Distillery’s Dhavall Gandhi!

Earlier this year we headed up to Cumbria to check out The Lakes Distillery, the National Park’s first legal spirits producer. It would have been rude not to catch up with Dhavall Gandhi, whisky-maker-in-chief, to find out more about his plans for the (shortly to come of age!) whisky, the distillery’s wood programme, and how the former-Macallan man got into whisky full stop…

Dhavall Gandhi is a busy chap. We were planning to chat in person when Team MoM travelled to The Lakes Distillery earlier this year. We were on a mission to check out the production area, the award-winning Bistro (it’s gooooood) and even meet the on-site alpacas (top tip: they’re fluffsome but not the friendliest. But head up on certain days and you’ll be able to encounter them up close). Gandhi was called away to the US just before the visit – there were casks to check out. His trip sums up the intense focus on wood – more on that later – and meant that when we caught up on the phone shortly afterwards, there was a lot of ground to cover.

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London Calling: How single malt returned to the capital at Bimber Distillery


Join us as we head to Bimber Distillery to talk about its English single malt whisky: how to make it, what it will taste like and the exciting future ahead, all in a week when England celebrated St. George’s Day!

Since the 1905 closure of the Lea Valley Distillery and the subsequent end of barley-based whisky production in England, it has taken quite some time for the category to get back on its feet. While Scotch whisky has continued to thrive and has retained an enviable international regard, and Irish whisky has turned its luck around, English whisky production is still in its relative infancy. But times are changing, and changing fast.

We are undoubtedly in the most exciting period for the category yet; modern English whisky makers are refusing to rest on their laurels, or curse the success of their Celtic counterparts. Instead, distilleries such as St. George’s Distillery, East London Liquor Company, Adnams and Hicks & Healey are releasing various interpretations of English whisky, while Copper Rivet Distillery, The Cotswolds Distillery, The Lakes Distillery, Wharf Distillery, The London Distillery Company, Spirit of Yorkshire, Cooper King, and Bimber Distillery are all close to putting quintessentially English whisky on our shelves.

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Master of Malt harnesses cutting-edge tech for world-first whisky distillery

Master of Malt may be best known as a multi-award-winning spirits retailer, but all that may be about to change as we reveal our plans to use cutting-edge additive processes to build a state-of-the-art whisky distillery and produce truly innovative new whiskies.

*UPDATE: It’s time for you all to know the truth about our big announcement.*

Happy Easter everyone! Or International Egg Day, if you’d prefer!

Now the egg, as the Beastie Boys have taught us, is a symbol of life. This Easter we couldn’t be more delighted to finally breathe life into a project that’s been a dream of ours for many years: our very own whisky distillery. And that’s not all. Allow us to introduce this incredibly exciting new venture through the medium of fancy video…

This incredible project is well under way


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Cooper King: A very different whisky distillery

What drives a couple to quit two lucrative careers and build a Tasmanian-inspired whisky distillery in Yorkshire? We explore the story behind the Cooper King Distillery, England’s newest single malt whisky-maker.

“We got a bit bored and left our jobs and just started following our dreams, I guess,” Abbie Neilson takes a sip of her lemonade as we chat about one new distillery in particular set to join the swelling ranks of English whisky producers. Spirit might not yet flow at the Yorkshire-based Cooper King Distillery, but it already comes with a backstory that could fill the annals.

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Win an English Whisky Co. Founders Private Cellar The Final Signature Set!

In the lead up to St. George’s Day, you could win a limited edition English Whisky Co. Founders Private Cellar The Final Signature set worth £795!
St. George’s Day is next Sunday, and to mark the occasion we’re giving away a very special example of English single malt from the English Whisky Company in Norfolk. Everyone who buys any of the English Whisky Co.’s releases from now until the end of St. George’s Day will be automagically entered into our draw to win an English Whisky Co. Founders Private Cellar The Final Signature set worth £795! (No purchase necessary – see Terms & Conditions below.) More…

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Introducing the Spirit of Yorkshire Whisky Distillery!

Exciting new English whisky distillery Spirit of Yorkshire opens to the public this Easter, but they’ve been quietly working under the radar and laying down casks for the last few months. We headed to the Yorkshire Wolds earlier this week to find out the full details.
Yorkshire. God’s own county. Also, now the location of a new independent single malt whisky distillery! Since we visited St George’s Distillery back in 2009 a number of projects have popped up all over England, which I’ll run through at the end of this post, but today we’re getting all excited about Spirit of Yorkshire!

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Our English Whisky Co. Single Cask Bottlings & an Interview with Andrew Nelstrop!

English Whisky Company

Long time readers of the Master of Malt Blog will know that we visited the home of the English Whisky Company in Norfolk all the way back in 2009 – over 6 years ago! Ben had a look around the awesome St. George’s Distillery, saw a dog and definitely didn’t get told off by a colleague for having to be physically dragged away from their cask storage containers.


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Around The World In 80 Drams – Week 2 – Adnams


Welcome back to my Around The World In 80 Drams journey, which kicked off last week from the East London Liquor Co., unsurprisingly in East London. I left you with something of a riddle at the end of the last post, leaving hints as to where I’m off to next: sun, sea, superb beer and how it would take me 23 hours to travel there by pug (pugs run at an average of 3-5 miles per hour). Of course, I’m off to Adnams in Southwold!

Now, when I said I’m bad at geography and that this series will help me learn things, I meant it. If you had asked me where Southwold was before I looked at a map, I’d have said it was somewhere near Southampton. “It’s got ‘South’ in the name and those two kind of sound similar, they’re probably right next to each other,” I believe were the words that went through my head. Well, it’s safe to say I’m learning already, as Southwold is a little bit more northerly than I thought.


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