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Delicious Dark Rum, delightful on it’s own or as an ingredient in a delectable cocktail, particularly the Daiquiri.

10 of the best super spooky Halloween spirits!

spooky Halloween spirits

Whether you’re attending a party full of deadly debauchery or spending a quiet night at home treating yourself, we’ve got the tipples to tickle your festive fancy this Halloween…

Halloween has come around again, promising a day of ghosts and ghouls, spiders and scares and all things frightening and foul. But there is truly nothing more terrifying than the idea of enduring the endless barrage of begging children or the heaving town centres without a decent drink in hand (severed or otherwise)…

So, let us set the scene for spooky celebrations and paranormal partying this year. Spare yourself the tricks and instead treat yourself to these spooktacular offerings. We’ve compiled a list of spine-tingling spirits, each with the scariest of serves, from peculiar punches to creepy cocktails.

So come and join us – if you dare – and cast your eyes upon the most bewitching boozes around. Oh – and be sure to check out our Halloween 2018 page for more ghastly greats… Mwahahaha!


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Avast! Treasure ahoy for International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Yarr, ahoy an’ yo ho ho! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we gots a treasure chest full o’ treats to be showing off! Smartly read on, ya swashbucklers!

If ye be noticin’ folk runnin’ around, hollering “Yarr!” at the top o’ their voice this morn’, ye best greet them with a rousin’ “Yarr!” of yer own, for it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! But avast – what does this have to do with boozes? Well, landlubbers, we gots a trove of tangentially-pirate-themed treasure for ye to gaze at through yer spyglass!


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Renegade Rum Distillery: the future of rum?

Last week, Renegade Spirits broke ground on a US$20 million distillery on the Caribbean island of Grenada. We caught up with CEO Mark Reynier – founder of Bruichladdich and Waterford distilleries – to find out why his terroir-driven single cane rum could be the hero the category deserves…

“All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine.” – Mark Reynier

Pretty profound, huh? Alright, full disclosure. He didn’t actually say that, Batman did. But he could’ve, because in many ways Reynier is the Batman of the spirits industry.

Like Batman, he excels at subverting the system. Drawing from years of experience as a vigneron, shipper, wholesaler and retailer, Reynier turns traditional practice on its head. By channelling a winemaker’s approach to distilling, he paves the way for a new normal. And (like Gotham), the booze is far better for it. No word on whether he too knows 157 different types of martial arts.


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Ten delightful dark rums to enjoy beyond Rum Month

Similar to how dogs are not just for Christmas, rum is not just for Rum Month. As July nears its end, we take a look at ten terrific dark rums for you to enjoy now and savour during months that aren’t quite lucky enough to be officially designated as Rum Month.

All good things must come to an end, and that includes Rum Month. However, there is nothing stopping you from taking the things you have learnt during Rum Month and applying these lessons to other months of the year. Y’know, months like August, March, November, et cetera. We may not have mentioned your favourite month there, but rest assured, other months do exist.


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When will rum’s golden hour arrive?


For years, industry insiders have been prophesying rum’s meteoric rise – but the category is still waiting in the wings. What is rum doing to move forward, and how can it attract new fans? A group of experts pondered its prospects at the first ever Think Rum event. 

It has heritage akin to Scotch whisky and the regional diversity found in gin, so why isn’t rum taken as seriously? Well, the category is broad and complex for starters. It’s also privy to a party image, and largely underrepresented in bars and pubs. However, that’s not to say rum is struggling – far from it. In fact, UK sales topped £1 billion for the first time ever in 2017.

For this level of popularity to be sustainable, rum must not rest on its laurels. Now more than ever, drinkers want to be educated about the various styles and brands within any given category, and it’s important that the entire rum community, from producers to bloggers, is poised to deliver if the category is to thrive.


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Master of Cocktails – Mai Tai

Master of Cocktails Mai Tai

This week’s #MasterofCocktails is an absolute doosie. We’re making a Mai Tai. Probably one of the most abused and under-appreciated drinks in the world.

Now, if you’ve ever ordered one of these in a bar, you’ll either have had a delicious variant on a Daiquiri, or a juice-laden mess that bears as much resemblance to a proper cocktail as a bottle of Hooch and an apple schnapps chaser.

Can you guess which version we’re going to be making?


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The Whip – Bar Review

The Whip bar

The Whip at The Running Horse Pub
50 Davies Street, London, W1K 5JE
Tel: 020 7493 1275
Nearest Tube: Bond Street
Monday to Saturday, 12-11pm

Hunter S Thompson’s famous Kentucky Derby inkings were in my mind last Saturday as I climbed the stairs to The Whip in Mayfair – a newly opened bar which carries on the equestrian theme of partner operation, The Running Horse (located downstairs). Brandishing some serious bourbons, the menu is a mouthwatering selection of Derby classics – Mint Juleps were in order, and The Whip’s elegantly styled confines were a suitable location.


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Plunder a Free dram o’ Rumbullion! for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Pirate blog

Garr! What be this shiny box? What be a blog? Can I fight it? Garr!

Ahoy there, mateys! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, it be! Well, it actually be tomorrow, but why settle for one day, when ye can have two? Set sail for yellin’, poor grammar ‘n’ parrots! Yarr!

International Talk Like A Pirate Day be the best day for rum! Spicy like a hell-hound’s bark ‘n’ temptin’ as a Siren’s song, rum be some o’ arr favarrite booty. Yo ho ho ‘n’ a bottle o’ rum!


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New Product entitled… erm… “Brown Drink”



So – we’ve been doing our Drinks by the Dram whisky sample service for almost a year now, and in that time have decanted ‘loads’ of 700ml bottles into 30ml samples.
700 divided by 30 is 690, so even if one is slightly generous with the 30ml measure, there’s still going to be a little drop or two left over.
My original plan (and I thought it was a darned good one) was to save all of this up, and make some awesome cocktails at the staff Christmas party, or maybe do something at the directors’ joint birthday party, but it turns out that “a little drop or two” multiplied by “loads” is about 37 full-sized bottles-worth.
Even we aren’t that thirsty. More…
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Master of Malt Cask-Aged Whisky Bitters

Master of Malt Bitters

Bitters, bitters, bitters. We’ve made some bitters!

Hurrah! As lovers of the fine whisky/whiskey cocktail, we knew it was time to make our first foray into the land of bitters. So, at great length, we created what we at Master of Malt consider to be the finest bitters for making of whisky cocktails, KNOWN TO MANKIND.

In fact, these are (to our knowledge), the highest alcoholic proof bitters, which are the most costly to make and the most expensive to buy, ever! Oh yes… More…

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