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We love Christmas here at MoM towers – check out these posts to find out more about our festive merriment and to get some Christmas gift ideas.

Diageo shows us how to #DrinkPositive this Christmas


From 1 December onwards, it’s a given that our plates are always full, and our glasses are rarely empty. Apparently it’s not actually obligatory to enter the New Year feeling puffy and tired, so Diageo has consulted some of Instagram’s finest for their tips on finessing the festive fun using #DrinkPositive.

‘Tis the season… of excess. The ‘eat, drink and be merry’ ethos is synonymous with silly season, and we tend to collectively embrace it – packing our diaries with spirited plans, foregoing exercise in every possible form and chomping chocolate coins with reckless abandon.

A huge part of this is hosting events: inviting old friends over for drinks and nibbles, packing the cupboards with snacks in anticipation of guests ‘popping by’, and preparing the menu for an inevitable and all-compassing family meal. If you search ‘Christmas’ on Pinterest, there are thousands upon thousands of cocktail recipes, food pairings and dinner party drinks serves to pick from; many are boozy, all are indulgent.

Believe it or not, there are ways to have all of the Yuletide fun without a) going overboard, or b) feeling deprived. Having cottoned on to our penchant for drinking, hosting and Instagram filters, the folk at Diageo recruited some social media starlets to show us how to have a magical time without the regret come 1 January using the hashtag #DrinkPositive.


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The where-did-those-two-weeks-go Christmas gift guide!

Christmas gift guide

It’s mid-December, so we’re pretty much halfway to Christmas Day – isn’t that a reality check and a half? If you, like us, have failed to buy any presents for your nearest and dearest thus far, there’s no need to panic. We’ve thrown together this essential Christmas gift guide to make the whole experience hassle-free…

Picture the scene: It’s Christmas morning. You’re about to exchange gifts with your beloved spouse/stepfather/possum. They hand you a delicately wrapped parcel. It’s the exact weight and shape of [insert desired Christmas present here].

You eye your gift. Why did you play it safe with velvet pyjamas? You’re not buying for Michael Douglas. You regret everything. Your spouse/stepfather/possum opens the parcel. “Thanks,” they whisper politely. A single tear runs down their face. You’ve ruined Christmas.

A tragic thought, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Not now that we’ve created this smashing gift guide, anyway. From personalised whisky to barrel-aged cocktail kits, we’ve covered all angles, no matter who you’re buying for*.


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Count down to Christmas with these Cognac cocktails!

Cognac cocktails

Shake up these contemporary Cognac cocktails to discover why the fruity French spirit is for more than simply splashing on Christmas pudding…

By now, you’ll know that Cognac sales are going through the proverbial roof. Anyone who’s anyone is sipping on the stuff with fervour, and we’re not just talking Russian oligarchs and American rappers. The tastemakers of the drinks industry are backing this historic spirit with exuberance, curating unparalleled bottle libraries and championing the spirit in cocktail menus across the globe.


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The ultimate gift guide to utterly bonkers Christmas-inspired spirits!


Get those cocktail shakers at the ready – we’ve assembled the world’s most daring festive spirits for your drinking pleasure. It also serves as a handy gift guide for the booze-and-Christmas fanatic in your life, should you be feeling generous.

Calling all spirited carollers, snowman builders, eggnog sippers, tree decorators, stocking stuffers, seasonal ice skaters, chestnut roasters, snowball throwers, mince pie munchers, mistletoe kissers, and all-round Christmas enthusiasts. It’s time to ramp things up a notch.

Gatecrash a pantomime. Bake a single mince pie of gargantuan proportions. Buy matching Christmas jumpers for you and your pets and refuse to remove them until 1 January. And, most importantly, imbibe some exceptionally festive spirits with some of your most beloved fellow humans.


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2016 Whisky Advent Calendar – Available for Pre-Order!

Drinks by the Dram have launched their 2016 range of Advent Calendars, and you can Pre-Order yours right now!

Drinks by the Dram revealed their selection of spirit-filled Advent Calendars for 2016 last week, all of which you can pre-order right this very second! Every calendar contains 24 different handmade wax-sealed 3cl drams, one behind each window, so you count down to Christmas while exploring spectacular whiskies, gins, rums, tequilas and more.


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A Goodbye from Master of Malt’s #WhiskySanta for 2015

Whisky Santa

Merry Christmas everyone!

My festive work here is done and I can honestly say that this has been my favourite Christmas ever! I granted 43 wishes this year (one each and every day since 12th November) and also gave away extra gifts to thousands of lucky Master of Malt customers at the checkout! That’s a total of well over £25,000 of treats!!!

I received over 24,000 wishes in total and a big thank you to all of you for spreading the good word (#WhiskySanta was delivered to twitter timelines over 21 million times during the period!). Amongst my favourite wishes to grant this year were @daxledbetter’s Ardbeg 23 Year Old 1991 (cask 10274) – Directors’ Cut (Douglas Laing) and @DavidCraikPhoto’s Master of Malt 30 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur on Twitter as well as Jo Lawson’s Penderyn Bourbon Cask B227 on Facebook. Fantastic choices!


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Whisky Christmas Crackers! Gin Christmas Crackers too!

Whisky Advent Calendar

Last year Drinks by the Dram gave us spirits-and-liqueurs-filled Christmas Crackers and everybody saw that they were good. Very good. Frickin’ awesome, in fact! They made Christmas dinner (one of the best things in the world) even better, whilst simultaneously taking care of after-dinner drinks. Thank you Drinks by the Dram.

So, what now for 2015? Dedicated Whisky Crackers, of course! And Premium Whisky Crackers! And Gin Crackers! And the spirits-and-liqueurs-filled Christmas Crackers too, aptly renamed Spirit & Liqueur Crackers! All of the crackers – all available for despatch now!


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#WhiskySanta Gives Away Thousands of Gifts at the Checkout!

Whisky Santa

Well, I did say that I might have something else up my immaculately cuffed sleeve this year, and here it is! I’ve used my powers as an omniscient supernatural Christmas being to ‘get in’ to the Master of Malt checkout. From here I’ll be giving away thousands of festive gifts to lucky customers (at least £20,000 worth, in fact!)…


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The Return of Ask #WhiskySanta… He’ll grant one wish per day!

Whisky Santa

[Update: He’s now giving gifts away at the checkout too!]

Guess who is back… Back once again… #WhiskySanta is back! Tell all your friends and loved ones. Ho ho ho! A bit of the M&M-style wrap for you there. I like to stay current.

That’s right, your favourite festive, omniscient, supernatural, heavily-bearded being is back from his holibobs. I may have only had ten months off after last year’s festivities (during which I even received a shiny ISC award) but a tinsel-covered alarm clock has gone off somewhere and I’m feeling extremely generous once again! Time to make some lists and check them twice – lists of people using #WhiskySanta, that is – before granting one wish per day for you lucky people for a second year running!


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2015 Whisky Advent Calendar – Now Available for Pre-Order!

Whisky Advent Calendar

Ah yes, it’s that time of year once again when Drinks by the Dram reveal their selection of fantastic spirits-filled advent calendars!

The Entire Range is Now Available for Pre-Order here. (Estimated despatch late October.)

As well as all your favourites such as The Whisky Advent Calendar and Ginvent Calendar (from the dream team of Drinks by the Dram and Gin Foundry), which are both back for a fourth year, 2015 sees the range extended with a dedicated Bourbon Calendar plus Rum, Cognac, Armagnac, Tequila, Mezcal, Vodka, Absinthe and erm… Naga Chilli Vodka calendars (the latter getting hotter each day!)


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