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Bruichladdich is one of the most popular Islay distilleries – check out the latest news about Bruichladdich and Bruichladdich whisky releases right here.

The Islay moment competition winner is…

To mark another superb Fèis Ìle we asked the good public (that’s you!) to share a snap of your top Islay tipple and to flaunt your #MoMFeisIle t-shirt to be in with a chance of enjoying a bottle of our very own Bruichladdich 23 Year Old 1993 – Single Cask – and we’ve got our winner!

After all the spectacular sunshine, delightful drams and roaming data charges we’ve all finally recovered enough from another incredible Fèis Ìle to announce the two lucky whisky-lovers who have won our Islay moment competition!


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The inaugural MoM Fèis Ìle Awards are here!

There were drams, live bands galore (often the same one), much merriment and more epic dogs than you could even try to count. Yes, folks – Fèis Ìle happened. And now, partly as an excuse to relive the best bits, partly to give mega kudos to the star performers, behold: we present the entirely-not-scientific-at-all, totally-subjective-in-every-way MoM Fèis Ìle Awards 2018!

Well. We’ve just about sort-of recovered. Fèis Ìle 2018 was an absolute riot of whisky geekery, drams of much deliciousness, and of course, incredible, incredible people. We had a proper blast on Islay, and we’re still wading through the reams of content, video footage, and social posts from the week at the pinnacle of the whisky calendar.

And as we reminisced all the action, debating heatedly at MoM HQ as to which tip-top tour was the most tremendous and which masterclass was most masterful, it suddenly became clear: The MoM Fèis Ìle Awards should be a thing!

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Share your Islay moment and win a bottle of Bruichladdich 23 Year Old 1993!

Fèis Ìle 2018 is well and truly under way. The sun is spectacularly shining, the drams are flowing, and we’ve got not one but two chances for you to win a full bottle of something delicious: our very own Bruichladdich 23 Year Old 1993 – Single Cask, no less!

We’re back on Islay for Fèis Ìle 2018 and we’re not going to lie, we’re having a blast. Eight distilleries, eight days, much merriment and some of the finest whisky folk under the sun to share a dram with… it’s heaven. And to add to the fun and games, we have not one but TWO competitions to further spread the whisky love!

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Fèis Ìle 2018 Day Two: Bruichladdich

Fèis Ìle 2018

It’s known that Bruichladdich day is an unmissable Fèis Ìle occurence. Here’s how our second day on Islay went down…

My alarm rang through the MoM-slash-Whisky Lounge villa at 7am, alerting the entire house that it was time to wake up. Ordinarily, I’d have remained horizontal. But today was a little different. Today was Bruichladdich day.

Showered and dressed, we whizzed us across the island with the help of Boutique-y Whisky Dave Worthington, who put the pedal to the metal in a bid to get us to Port Ellen Maltings for 9.20am. If you’ve never had the privilege of touring real life maltings in action, check our Instagram Stories. You’re in for a treat.


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We’re going to Fèis Ìle 2018!

Drum roll please, folks… after too-long a hiatus we are packing our bags and heading to Fèis Ìle 2018!

Good folks of whiskydom, we have news. After a four-year break (yes, and that parking, ahem, incident) we are returning to Islay for the dramming extravaganza that is Fèis Ìle. Team MoM is making final preparations for a voyage to the Islay Festival of Music and Malt! And we have many a treat in store for you whether you are likewise heading for the island or not…

From this Saturday (26 May) to the following one (3 June) we will be busily heading to the official distillery days, plus a selection of rather marvellous additional locations to keep us on our toes. And… the freebies are back!

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Welcome to The Macallan Whisky Lounge: the UK’s first!

The Macallan Whisky Lounge

The rumours are true – The Macallan Whisky Lounge has hit the UK! We fill you in on all the details, talk to the bar manager about what to expect, and walk you through an exclusive World Whisky Tour…

It’s not often a celebrated whisky distillery opens a dedicated whisky lounge, but Speyside masters The Macallan have only gone and done just that. Located within Vauxhall-based European-Japanese fusion restaurant Four Degree, this is the brand’s first UK lounge, with the other situated on the second floor of the Galaxy Hotel in Macau, China (the Vauxhall location is thankfully a far simpler commute).


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Islay rye? Bruichladdich’s Allan Logan looks to the island’s whisky future


Marrying a progressive approach to ingredient sourcing, terroir and cask exploration with traditional hands-on production techniques, Islay-based Bruichladdich is a distillery for the ages. We chat with production director Allan Logan about crafting the island’s first rye whisky, using ‘provenance’ as a buzzword, and why in 100 years’ time we might be sipping Islay oak-aged Scotch whisky

There are not many distilleries that balance heritage and innovation in the way that Bruichladdich does. So when Allan Logan came to London to host a tasting of the distillery’s recently-released Octomore Eights range – containing, among other drams, the world’s most heavily peated whisky – we jumped at the chance to speak with him.


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The Return of Ask #WhiskySanta… He’ll grant one wish per day!

Whisky Santa

[Update: He’s now giving gifts away at the checkout too!]

Guess who is back… Back once again… #WhiskySanta is back! Tell all your friends and loved ones. Ho ho ho! A bit of the M&M-style wrap for you there. I like to stay current.

That’s right, your favourite festive, omniscient, supernatural, heavily-bearded being is back from his holibobs. I may have only had ten months off after last year’s festivities (during which I even received a shiny ISC award) but a tinsel-covered alarm clock has gone off somewhere and I’m feeling extremely generous once again! Time to make some lists and check them twice – lists of people using #WhiskySanta, that is – before granting one wish per day for you lucky people for a second year running!


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Fèis Ìle – The Islay Whisky Festival 2015

Feis Ile Islay That Boutique-y Whisky Company

As some of you may already know, we’re sadly not going to be at Fèis Ìle this year. I know, I know. We had a good run though – attending the last four years in a row as Master of Malt, keeping you all (hopefully) entertained whether you’d made it along or not, running some great promotions and even kitting many of you out with some top notch drams, t-shirts and snazzy tote bags. And it was our absolute pleasure to do so.

There’ll be no Malt Mobile to look out for this year though (much to the delight of Bowmore’s bollards), no gratuitous shots of limited edition whiskies next to hot tubs or Port Ellen tastings and no week long series of our ramblings from the event. But if you are indeed going, especially if it’s your first time, allow us to present our little guide to this year’s festival…


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Jake & Sam’s Top 10 Greatest Ever Whisky Appearances in Film & TV!

Top 5 Whisky Film TV

Something of a rarity this – a joint blog post! Jake and Sam are proud to present our top whisky appearances on the big and small screen.

So, with Blur’s new album still relatively fresh off the press, we give you Whisky & TV! (You know, like Coffee & TV… Geddit?)

Sam: If you’re going to call it that, I’m going to make my own list.

Jake: But…

Sam: Yeah. I’m definitely just doing my own list.

Jake: Fine, after you then. I didn’t want any of your suggestions in my (super-fun-better-than-Sam’s) list anyway.


[Jake holds back tears long enough to look a bit sulky.]



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