White Peak is releasing its long-awaited single malt. To mark the occasion, we visited Derbyshire’s first full-scale craft distillery to capture on film the story behind Wire Works Whisky.

Every year there’s an array of first whisky releases that we look forward to. But some excite us more than most. Ever since the White Peak distillery was founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Max and Claire Vaughan, we’ve been patiently waiting for its inaugural single malt. Especially after we got to taste the delicious two-year-old malt spirit Boutique-y bottled up.

Now the wait is over. The Wire Works Whisky is here nearly four years after the team distilled their first batch of single malt whisky in spring 2018. Its signature flavour profile is the result of a process that occurs entirely on-site, from the mashing of both unpeated and peated malt (about 6ppm), to the slow four-day fermentation featuring live yeast from a local Derbyshire brewery, and the impact its unique Wire Works home has on maturation. It was bottled at 50.3% ABV with any additional colouring or filtration.

We were fortunate enough to get a chance to visit the Derbyshire to tell the distillery’s story, how it feels to launch your first whisky, and what the Wire Works tastes like. We hope you enjoy what we filmed, you can watch it all here or on our YouTube channel

You can now purchase Wire Works Whisky here.

Making English whisky at White Peak Distillery

Taking us on a tour around White Peak is Derbyshire boy and distillery manager Dave Symes, who shows us the full lifecycle of the Wire Works Whisky, which is mashed, fermented, distilled, and matured on-site. 

Launching your first whisky

With a life-long passion for whisky inherited from his father, Max Vaughan has dreamed of this moment for years. We catch up with him and co-founder Claire to hear why they set about making the Wire Works Whisky and what it’s like to realise an ambition.

The home of the Wire Works Whisky

In 2017 Max and Claire Vaughan created a fully operational distillery from scratch at the former Johnson & Nephew Wire Works, a pioneer in wire and cable products founded by industrialists in the 19th Century that operated for 120 years until its closure in the mid-1990s. This unique setting amongst the woodlands on the banks of the River Derwent is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It provides a source of inspiration for the founders and has a big impact on the whisky they make, as they explain here.

Tasting Wire Works Whisky

Wire Works Whisky is here and all that’s left to do is taste the results of all that hard work. Here to help are whisky ambassador Tom Lindsey and marketing manager Rosie Ferrer to walk us through what to expect from the nose, palate, and finish.

Wire Works Whisky

Look, it’s Wire Works Whisky!

We’d like to thank the guys at White Peak for having us. Just in case you missed it before, you can now purchase Wire Works Whisky here.