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The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are just about to start getting on our nerves. But times are good, and after launching Drinks by the Dram – our whisky sample service – the Master of Malt offices have become organized chaos.

The samples are flying off the shelves and we’ve been flooded with emails and phone calls from you all, telling us how much you like them.

We’ve made a solemn pledge to keep adding loads and loads of new samples to the site every day, so this morning we gathered around the board table (sat in a huddle on the lawn) and came up with the day’s batch of whiskies to “dram” (turn into samples). 

After heated discussion we came up with a great selection of whisky/whiskey from Nikka and Cooley, and then we threw in an amazing rye – Rittenhouse 25 Year Old.

So, now you can order 3cl samples of the following:

From Nikka

 Samples of Nikka Whisky

Nikka Pure Malt Red £2.55 – Made with Miyagikyo whisky. Sweet, light and creamy.

Nikka Pure Malt Black £2.55 – Blended malt made with Yoichi whisky – Peaty and rich.

Nikka Taketsuru 17 Year Old £4.55 – Oily, tangy and fruity – loads of sweetness.

Nikka 1995 Single Coffey Grain £8.95 – Big flavours of molasses, caramel and dark fruit.

Yoichi 20 Year Old £10.55 – Big on sherry, apple, anise and musty sherry – incredible.

Nikka Whisky from the Barrel £2.25 – Ripe fruit, caramel, a hint of peat – very more-ish.

From Cooley

 Samples of Cooley Whisky

The award-winning Connemara range of peated Irish whiskey:

Connemara 12 Year Old Peated £3.85 – Smooth, peaty, fruity and nutty.

Connemara Sherry Finish £3.55 – Citrus, smoke, dates, figs and hints of rubber.

Connemara Peated Cask Strength £3.15 – Huge peat hit with spices, pepper, cocoa and fruit,

Connemara Peated Single Cask £3.25 – Gentle peat, fruity, floral, loads of character.

Kilbeggan 15 Year Old £3.95 – Tropical fruit, oak, Madeira, almond.

Greenore 15 Year Old £3.65 – Rich and soooo soft. Honey, fruit and almond.

Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish £3.35 – Sweet like sticky buns. Jam, barley.

Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Sherry Finish £3.35 – Creamy, nutty, sweet sherry character.

And a Rye Whiskey for good measure…

 Sample of Rittenhouse Whiskey

Rittenhouse Rye 25 Year Old £9.15 – Astonishing array of sweet spices, big on fruit and thick, sour rye flavours.

– The Chaps at Master of Malt –

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  1. gal says:

    One word,


  2. Peter Roos says:

    Absolutely the best on-line whisky retailer on this planet!
    Most prices are a bit under the rest and postage cost is unbeatable!
    I say WOOW too……

  3. Koeck says:

    Hey there,

    I’m new to the whiskyscene but I love a good Singl Malt in the evening.

    I know it’s a little bit offtopic but I’m currently making a corporate design for a fictional whisky brand for my university and for that reason I wanted to know how is these seals are made? is that wax?

    With kind regards,

  4. Larry Wright says:

    The seals are plastic, just like the plastic used on paper to stamp seals into. Wax would be too weak, easily removed and messy.

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