With a certain special day on the horizon, we were discussing in the office what we might buy our own dear dads to say thank you for putting up with us. Drinkwise that is. Here’s what we will be buying for Father’s Day.

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 19 June so what do you buy your dad to show that you appreciate him? If your father is anything like mine, the last thing he’ll want is more stuff like golfing accessories, novelty socks, or a mug that says ‘world’s best dad’ on it. He’s at the age where he wants fewer things in his life. So a nice bottle is the perfect present because it can be consumed, enjoyed, the packaging recycled and all you have are the memories. We asked around the office what various people’s dads might enjoy. And don’t forget, it’s worth getting him something nice as he might even share it with you.

Father's Day 2022

Rachel Matthews’ father with a pint of Harvey’s Best

Rachel Matthews – Master of Malt Trade Service Manager
Bruichladdich The Classic Laddy

My father was a simple man when it comes to whisky, ‘one whisky and one whisky only’ – Glenrothes Select Reserve. He thought the world was ending when he found out that it was no longer available to buy. However, faith was restored when he was introduced to his new favourite tipple Bruichladdich the Classic Laddy.

Father's Day 2022

James Evans’ dad enjoying a wee dram

James Evans – Marketing Campaigns Manager
Ledaig 21 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) 

Over the years I have been testing the waters with my dad’s whisky taste. He always had his classic favourites but never deviated too far from where he was comfortable. Since I’ve been working in the drinks industry, my dad and I have been spending more time sharing drams and exploring new whiskies together. I try to give him something new every time a birthday, Christmas, or in this case, Father’s Day comes up. A pattern of peat has appeared in the whiskies he displayed the strongest liking to and he had previously tried the unpeated 21 year old from the Tobermory distillery, which he was a huge fan of. So it seemed like a no-brainer to get him a peaty beast hailing from the same distillery, a stellar dram for a stellar dad. Happy Father’s Day Big G!

Father's Day 2022

Tiphaine with her father

Tiphaine Robin – Marketing campaigns executive
Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

My dad is not a big spirits drinker, he is more of a wine drinker, especially red wine. I recently introduced him to gin and even the bitterness from a classic London dry is a bit too much for his palate. But he does appreciate the more herbal/fruity side and we are getting some more tasting notes through. We recently went to a gin bar when my parents came to visit Scotland and we tried various different ones. I particularly wanted him to try the Bloody Shiraz from Four Pillars which I thought would be perfect for him. He loved it and I’m going to buy him a bottle that he can share with our family and friends back home. I think the best part of drinking spirits is the sharing part and the conviviality around a glass; it’s not just a simple glass it’s always more than that. Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day 2022

Jess and her dad, basking in the sun

Jess Williamson – Content Manager
Pour & Sip Gift Subscription 

My dad tentatively loves whisky, but a full bottle overwhelms him a bit. I’ve actually bought him a Pour & Sip gift subscription for his birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day over the last year-and-a-half, and this year is no different! He loves it, and because I’m signed up too we get to share tasting notes and check in on when we’ve both had a dram (although by the sounds of it he’s having to ward off my mum from stealing too many sips). Even though it’s essentially the same present, the five different drams each month means it stays fresh and exciting – what could be boring about a steady supply of whisky to enjoy?!

Henry Jeffreys father

Gordon Jeffreys circa 1982. Henry is on the right

Henry Jeffreys – Features Editor
Masthouse Single Malt

My father is a bit of an old traditionalist: wine should come from France, gin from London and the only whisky worth drinking is Scotch, single malt if you please. When drinks companies do those marketing campaigns saying whisky isn’t just for old men with pipes, slippers, spaniels, log fires etc. it’s my father they have in mind. IN fact, there’s probably a picture of him at Diageo HQ with a big sign saying ‘do not try to sell whisky to this man.’ Over the years I have been trying to broaden his tastes a little with daring suggestions such as Australian wine or American beer. Scandalous! So this year, I’m going to push the boat out a little further with a whisky that isn’t from Scotland. In fact, it’s made just up the road from me in Rochester. Whisky from Kent? Whatever next?

MoM Father's Day

Fran Elliott with her father

Fran Elliott – Trainee Product Owner
Hendricks Lunar Gin

This Father’s Day I will be treating my dad to a nice bottle of Hendricks Lunar Gin, which is his favourite gin at the moment. It goes great with tonic or lemonade and a bit of cucumber and lemon. Then when the bottle is done, it looks great with some fairy lights in it. I am looking forward to sharing a glass or two on a nice sunny day (if he lets me!).