Over £10,000 in prizes. A year-long adventure. There’s whisky to be won, there are good times to be had. 

Welcome to Master of Malt’s whisky treasure hunt!

The Master of Malt Whisky Treasure Hunt

Here’s the skinny: We’ve hidden 12 monthly mini-chests and 1 epic grand prize in secret locations all around the UK for you whisky lovers to uncover. You can see the grand prize out in the wild right now on the competition page.

Don’t believe us? Well here’s the livestream of the final grand prize – yes – that’s it – in the real world – right now.

You need to embrace your inner pirate to solve the clues and find the coordinates to claim each monthly mini-chest – containing a fabulous bottle, as well as a GPS digit which will ultimately lead you to… 

…the grand prize – consisting of one monster chest that contains over £10,000 in whisky and cash. 

We’re also going to add a second version of the same bottle in each monthly mini-chest to the Grand prize. That means the stash gets even more stash-ier every month until it gets full Selleck. There might even be a Kinder Bueno in there if we’re feeling cheeky. It probably won’t have one. Ok, I already ate it. Try and focus on the positives.

We have something to get off our… chest

To find each monthly mini-chest, you will need to solve a whisky-related puzzle (fiendishness may vary).

We will release whisky-related puzzles on the 2nd day of each calendar month. The first one is tomorrow, on 2 February, and then will follow monthly until 2 January 2025.  

Where does ‘x’ mark the spot?

These chests are actually being hidden outside, in the real world. We’ve restricted sites to mainland UK, so both we and you can access them safely. All prizes are on public and legally-accessible land. There won’t be booby traps. No swapping a bag of sand to get the prize. 

In fact, the mini-chests have been hidden with reference to a heat map of customer orders for the past 12 months. We want to get them as close to as many of you as possible.

What if I don’t live anywhere near where the chest is? So, you live in Newcastle, the chest in Kent, for example. Well, you’re going to need to be resourceful here.

You can see if you know anyone who lives near the site you’ve identified and bribe them to look. Or bribe someone on social media to do your bidding. Maybe you could bribe a raccoon. They’d do it for almost all brands of breakfast cereal. Heck, you could put together a treasure-hunting team. A rag-tag bunch who each have special skills and are spread far and wide across this great land. 

Master of Malt treasure hunt

Feel lucky, punks?

What’s in the box?!?!?

Just to clarify, the chests don’t actually contain the prizes. 

These are about 10cm-wide chests containing a laminated card with a unique code-phrase. You redeem these with our customer service for the prizes. 

You know, so a child or a particularly enterprising raccoon doesn’t help themselves. You might think there aren’t any raccoons in the UK. You’d be wrong. And they’re all hungry for treasure. And breakfast cereal. 

I digress, we will update the GPS coordinates 24 hours after the monthly mini-chest has been found, to give the mini-chest finder a head start on the main prize. 

That will be done on the main competition page, on all our social feeds, and on this blog.

The head start

If by now you’re frothing at the mouth with all the excitement of a treasure hunt related to whisky (I obviously won’t leave my job so I can take part. I might.), then you’ll be really excited to learn how you can get ahead of the competition.

Each month just ten customers will get an extra 24 hours on the puzzle by way of a prize draw. 

Every £50 you spend with us this year = a ticket for this draw (up to a limit of 10 tickets per customer).

£100 = two tickets. Got it?

The entry is automatic, once you’ve spent the money, you’re in the draw. You don’t have to take part, of course. But c’mon. Cool stuff is there to be won.

Everybody is going after the same prize every month, so this is very much a race. My vibes have gone from pirates to Rat Race. First one to the prize wins it!

Master of Malt treasure hunt

Who fancies £10k in prizes then?

Best of luck!

We also know that lots of people will try all kinds of clever schemes to get ahead. As long as you do it in the fair spirit of competition and don’t break any actual laws, then we have no issue with you engaging in shenanigans. 

If you figure it out ahead of schedule, then your reward is the grand prize. You clever clogs. Although, you might be tempted to wait until the chest has been topped up at the end of each month. But then someone else might beat you to it… The choices!

Oh, and do make sure you send us a photo of you finding the prize. Extra points if you dress up. 

And no, this has nothing to do with #WhiskySanta. He’s only just heard of Wordle. We won’t see him for a while. 

Below are Terms & Conditions and here is a link to the competition page with more FAQs and details in case you need them. Happy hunting!

18+ or relevant legal drinking age. First clue releases 10:00 2 Feb 2024 and last clue releases 10:00 2 Jan 2025. T&Cs apply.