Spirit of Hven: Swedish Whisky, Vodka, and Gin

Spirit of Hven range of products

Rolling on with our recent trend of bringing new brands to the UK market (and beyond), we are pleased to introduce you to the Spirits of Hven. A Swedish whisky distillery which produces gin and vodka in a most nontraditional way (most gin does not take 2 years to produce), Hven is located on a tiny island that was home to astronomer Tycho Brahe in the 16th Century.

When I imagined the journey to an island off the coast of Sweden in early March, I pictured snow, ice, and travelling in a boat exactly like like the one below.

Boat to Sweden

Exactly as I had imagined it…



Perhaps I’ll give the sun deck a miss, though.


On the island of Hven, situated in the Oresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden, live about 300 people. Everyone knows everyone else. Of course, this is exactly where you’d expect to find one of the first distilleries in Sweden producing whisky, and only one of three pot still distilleries in the country.

Island of Hven

The small island of Hven


Hven map

Hven was once home to Tycho Brahe…


Hven map today

…Hven is now home to about 300 people


The distillery itself is a small, but rapidly growing, facility. When I arrived, they had already broken ground on their (rather significant) expansion.


Spirit of Hven Distillery

A sunny day at the distillery


After a big lunch to stave off the cold weather, I was quickly handed a lab coat and ushered into the distilling room where all the magic happens. Henric Molin, Hven’s Master Distiller, began to explain the painstaking precision with which Hven produces their spirits. As my eyes widened at the sight of their beautiful stills, Henric proceeded to explain to me how various molecules react to heat, pressure, and time.

Henric of Spirit of Hven distillery

Master of his craft.


Suddenly, I’m transported to my university days and the Chemistry course I took. Twice. He goes on to describe the reactions between different compounds and using words that all seem to end in “phate” and “osis”. Suffice it to say, this is where science meets craft, and Henric has a mastery of both.

Spirit of Hven spirit safe

The spirit safe at Hven


This attention to detail is carried through everything Hven do. For many distillers, it takes less than 24 hours to make vodka and gin. For Hven, it takes up to 2 YEARS. Both their Organic Vodka and Gin spend anywhere between 6 and 24 months in oak casks before being redistilled and bottled into what we now know and love. This process leads to a totally unique flavour profile that really must be tasted to be believed.

Spirit of Hven Organic Vodka

Spirit of Hven Organic Vodka – 40% – £29.95

Tasting Note for Spirit of Hven Organic Vodka
Nose: Buttery vanilla, dried grass.
Palate: Mouth-coating and sweet, a slight minerality.
Finish: Sweet barley and black pepper.
Overall: Smooth and flavourful.

Spirit of Hven Organic Gin

Spirit of Hven Organic Gin – 40% – £29.95

Tasting Note for Spirit of Hven Organic Gin
Nose: Elegant with fresh citrus in balance with vanilla and gentle juniper.
Palate: There’s a depth of flavour here and a quality that’s clearly evident. Warming Sichuan pepper and anise aren’t overpowering.
Finish: Citrusy, oily, long and smooth aftertaste.
Overall: A little slice of heaven on earth.


At their heart of Hven is whisky production, and their whisky is produced from grain to glass with sustainability in mind. The Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No.1 Dubhe is the first of seven limited edition single malt whiskies that will be released from the Hven distillery each year through 2019. Every step in the production is done on site: steeping, malting, drying, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and finally, maturation. Hven uses a combination of barley grown on the island, as well as some sourced from Europe. The spirit is aged in a combination of American, French and Spanish oak, each of which lends different flavours to final product. The whisky is then bottled at 45% ABV and shipped to our fine shores.


Spirit of Hven Single Malt Whisky

Spirit of Hven Single Malt Whisky – 45% – £89.98

Tasting Note for Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No.1 Dubhe Single Malt Whisky
Nose: Vanilla, Maraschino, red apple and drying grass that’s just catching in the sun.
Palate: Black pepper, greengages, vanilla, a dusting of cocoa just before a wave of peat and oak.
Finish: Warm and slightly drying.
Overall: A truly celestial dram.


Having visited this place and seen the magic of the distillery and the charm of the people who run it, we absolutely had to make these available for you, our wonderful customers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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3 comments on “Spirit of Hven: Swedish Whisky, Vodka, and Gin”

  1. What a fantastic and erudite article ! As I have been to Hven too, last Autumn 2012, I can vouch for everything stated.
    The island is an idyll and almost everybody is wonderful and kind, hospitable and generous. The destilleri and hotel are well worth visiting and the gin, vodka and whiskies are delightful and characterful in the extreme. Great find Masters of Malt.

  2. David Goldsmith says:

    Just worth adding an update – the latest whisky release from Spirit of Ven – their Sankt Ibb – produced as just 279 x 500 mls bottles (and thus now long since all sold out) – is in my (and many other’s) opinion their best malt expression yet, and arguably one of the finest new whiskies in Europe (and certainly in Sweden). Quite an achievement!! Track one down, if you can…..

  3. David Goldsmith says:

    Henric Molin and team are on the tiny island of Hven/Ven, somewhere fought over between Denmark and Sweden – and not far from the Orosundbron ("The Bridge" – the Crime series). Well it would be a crime to overlook such quality. All of the whiskies (and by the way, there are several pot-still gins, aqvavits, vodkas too) are superbly crafted. If Par Caldenby from Smogen is Van Gogh, then Henric Molin is Georges Seurat, with a pointilliste attention to every detail. Both styles are masterly. I really recommend the Seven Stars series, so far numbers 1 thro' 4 (there will be 7, as there are 7 stars in the Big Dipper constellation) in particular. The island of Hven is fascinating, as it is the place where Tycho Brahe worked (OK so not everyone knows the story of heliocentricity I know) – without his work, then Johannes Kepler would not have made the laws of planetary motion (see http://galileo.rice.edu/sci/brahe.html). There is a great museum on the island devoted to this. The island itself only has around 350 inhabitants, but 1000s go there in the Summer to visit. Nearly everyone on the island is glad to see strangers, and are kind, thoughtful, welcoming and considerate (much like nearly all Swedes I know). STRONGLY recommended. Get the whisky. Go to Skane (the bread-basket of Sweden – food and drink are excellent there). PS in May 2013 my email account was fraudulently accessed, then used to make some disparaging remarks about the place (as if by me) – these are altered (and appear above) – but I can assure you this non-sanctioned use has now been thoroughly investigated, and rectified. It is a warning to all if you lose access to the whole Google platform – my email, my G+ profile and blogs, and other commentaries were systematically altered and distorted quite deliberately. No chance of that happening again fortunately, as security is now a lot tighter.

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