Master of Cocktails The Magic Number

Greetings all. Anyone fancy a drink?

We’re making a cocktail using Champagne for this week’s #MasterofCocktails – it’s The Magic Number recipe. It’s not a ‘Champagne cocktail’, as that’s a thing in its own right. This is a variation on a recipe I nicked from the Kamm & Sons website. Variation only in quantities, not ingredients. It’s a great showcase for the Kamm & Sons British Aperitif – which is sort of bittersweet. Closest comparison would probably be Campari.

Anywhoo – this really is a very easy-to-make drink, and is a break from the Christmas tradition of ‘all the Champagne’.

Master of Cocktals Ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

We’re going to start with Kamm & Sons British Aperitif. Take 5ml or so, and use it to thoroughly coat the inside of a cocktail glass. A cocktail glass, not a flute (on account of them being the Devil’s own glasses).

Master of Cocktails Kamm and Sons

Next, take 15ml of Mandarine Napoléon Grande Cuvée, and add to a stirring glass with ice.

Master of Cocktails Mandarin Napoleon

Now 10ml Gin. I’ve chosen Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin for the light and perfumed character.

Master of Cocktails Ferdinand Saar Gin

Give it a good old stir to chill the Liqueur and Gin…

Master of Cocktails Stir

Strain into the glass…

Master of Cocktails Strain

…and top with approximately 100ml of Champagne. I’m using Bollinger.

Master of Cocktails Bollinger Champagne

The aroma coming off this is absolutely fantastic. The rinse of K&S has worked wonders.

Master of Cocktails Aroma

And serve. Doesn’t really need a garnish, but you could use an Orange twist if you fancy? It’s a slight riff on the original, but this wonderful aperitif is called ‘The Magic Number’.

Master of Cocktails The Magic Number




For next week’s #MasterofCocktails, you’ll want to have these at hand.

Master of Cocktails Recipe

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Brown Sugar, Rumbullion!, Fuller’s London Porter, Eggs, Nutmeg and a Fire Poker.