Master of Cocktails Spiced Ale Flip

Right then ladies and gents – time for this week’s #MasterofCocktails. A real winter warmer this week, superb for chilly climes. We are, of course, doing a Spiced Ale Flip recipe.

For this one, you’ll be needing an unusual bit of barware – a fire poker. Keep it next to the strainer and the bar spoons.

Now this is really a very straight-forward recipe, which you can adapt at will. It all comes together very fast, with prep.

Master of Cocktails Recipe

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

  • 15g of Muscovado Sugar
  • 30ml of Rumbullion!
  • 200ml of Fuller’s London Porter
  • An Egg
  • Nutmeg
  • A Fire Poker

First up is a whole egg. Push through a fine strainer to get rid of the Chalaza (the icky bit).

Master of Cocktails Egg

Next, 15g of Muscovado sugar, and 30ml of Proffesor Cornelius Apmpleforth’s Rumbullion! in the metal of the shaker.

Master of Cocktails Rum

Give that a little stir to dissolve, but don’t worry too much – we’ll be tipping hot beer over it in a second.

Master of Cocktails Rum

For the beer – you want quite dark and rich. I’ve gone for a porter from Fuller’s. A good shout.

Master of Cocktails Porter

Before we heat the beer, grab your fire poker (does need to be de-painted (wire brush) first):

Master of Cocktails Fire Poker

And stick it in a nice hot flame to warm up for at least a few minutes:

Master of Cocktails Fire Poker

Put 200ml of the Porter into a pan, and heat to about 80c. Don’t boil it.

Master of Cocktails Beer

Tip the beer into the rum and sugar mixture…

Master of Cocktails Beer

Then tip the hot mixture over the egg, and throw the two back and forth between the tin and glass. You’ll need to work *really* fast here – you’re trying to make custard, not scrambled egg…

Master of Cocktails Beer

After a minute or so – this is what you’ll have: #fluffy

Master of Cocktails Egg

Now, serving vessel. Usual = tankard, but I’m using a coffee cup. Classier. Tip in your drink:

Master of Cocktails Coffee Cup

A little grate of Nutmeg…

Master of Cocktails Nutmeg

And finally… The Money-shot. Stick the hot poker into the drink to completely transform it:

Master of Cocktails Fire Poker

If you do a before and after taste here, you’ll see that the poker only does a very marginal amount heat-wise – it’s all about the caramelisation that the intense heat provides.

There we have it. The Spiced Ale Flip. One hell of a good beer cocktail.

Master of Cocktails Recipe

Now… Having just done all that by hand – who wants to see a cheat? Watch carefully.



Here’s what you’ll be needing for the next edition of #MasterofCocktails.

Master of Cocktails Next Week

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Angostura Bitters, Punt E Mes, Smooth Ambler Old Scout 11 Year Old Bourbon (cask 811) Single Barrel Release and Edmond Briottet Créme de Châtaigne (Chestnut Liqueur).