Master of Cocktails Mai Tai

This week’s #MasterofCocktails is an absolute doosie. We’re making a Mai Tai. Probably one of the most abused and under-appreciated drinks in the world.

Now, if you’ve ever ordered one of these in a bar, you’ll either have had a delicious variant on a Daiquiri, or a juice-laden mess that bears as much resemblance to a proper cocktail as a bottle of Hooch and an apple schnapps chaser.

Can you guess which version we’re going to be making?

Rule of thumb – if you see orange or pineapple in the description – Avoid.

Master of Cocktails Mai Tai ingredients

You’ll be needing these…

List of Ingredients

So – first things first – take 30ml of Havana Club 3yo. This is a *superb* white rum.

Master of Cocktails Havana Club 3 Year Old

It absolutely reeks of fresh sugar cane, and for me that’s definitely a good thing in a white rum. Magic.

Pop that into our shaker and grab a nice fresh lime.

Master of Cocktails Shaker

15ml of that into the shaker too please.

Master of Cocktails lime

Follow that with 15ml of the excellent Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao.

Master of Cocktails Pierre Ferdinand Dry Curacao

Next up, 15ml of Monin Orgeat. This is basically Almond Syrup with a touch of Rosewater.

Master of Cocktails Monin Orgeat syrup

You can make your own Orgeat, there are loads of recipes on the web. I’d love to hear if any of you have tried any.

Now pop some ice in that shaker and shake for 15 seconds or so.

Master of Cocktails Ice

Grab a tumbler, and 2/3 fill it with ice, then strain the drink over the top.

Master of Cocktails Strain

Now we’re going to measure out 30ml of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva.

Master of Cocktails Diplomatico Rum

This stuff is dynamite. Absolutely packed with Vanilla and sweet as anything.

Master of Cocktails Diplomatico Rum

Drizzle the Diplomático over the top of the drink…

Master of Cocktails rum drizzle

This is what we’re aiming for. A defined Strata of dark rum.

Master of Cocktails Rum strata

Finally – pop a Luxardo Maraschino Cherry into the drink, and serve. Boom. Hi-hi Mai Tai.

Master of Cocktails Maraschino Cherry

And there we have it. The Mai Tai. A proper one. No silly garnishes, sparklers, or pineapples.

Master of Cocktails Mai Tai




Looking ahead, here are the ingredients we’ll be using for next week’s #MasterofCocktails:

Master of Cocktails Next Week

Next week, you’ll be needing these…
Balcones True Blue, Sacred Spiced English Vermouth, Campari and an Orange (premium packaging optional).