Build Your Own Calendar

Well, that title really says it all, doesn’t it? For the absence of doubt, let’s just go ahead and put this in exciting bold text so we can all cheer and throw confetti at each other afterwards – that’s right, you can now pick exactly what drams go into your very own Advent Calendar! If that’s all the information you need to get the creative juices in your brain flowing as if you’ve just discovered a cupboard filled with tiny colourful Danish toy bricks, click here to start building. If you fancy finding out a bit more, then read on, future Advent Calendar architect!

Right, so, what we’ve done is update our lovely responsive website so that every product with drams available (nearly 4,000 of them!!!) now includes an ‘Add to Calendar’ button. Click this and you’ll be introduced to our very swish Advent Calendar builder, Drammy, who will helpfully keep a tab of what you’ve picked, how many spaces you have left and how much your calendar will cost. Pick 24 tasty libations and TA-DA! You’ve built your own Advent Calendar! Add it to your basket and lovingly gaze upon your work, for it is good work.

Build Your Own Calendar

Drammy is here to help!

Of course, you’re not restricted to just one spirit type when you build your own calendar. You can mix it up as much or as little as you like! If you like Japanese Whisky, Gin, Sotol and XO Cognac in equal amounts, you can include drams of all of them inside one Advent Calendar – and to you, it will be the most glorious Advent Calendar known to this realm of existence.

To give you a bit more of an idea of the cool things you can create, here’s a few “Work In Progress” Advent Calendars that I’ve been making…

Sherried Whisky

Love Sherried expressions? Create your own Sherried Whisky Advent Calendar

Cashy Money

Choose 1 of each of the most expensive drams to create the Loadsamoney Special


Celebrate Cachaçadvent with 24 drams of Brazil’s most popular spirit

I like to call this one the Sam Smith (read the first letter of the drams)

Now go! Build your own Advent Calendar, give it pride of place on your mantlepiece/bookshelf/kitchen table/wherever the heck you put your Advent Calendar and enjoy!