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As Master of Malt’s newly-designated geography enthusiast, what with my Around the World in 80 Drams blog series and all, it’s very exciting to hear of a new distillery being built in far off lands. The world’s pretty massive (I’ve got a map to prove it), and distillers from all over bring new, exciting ideas to the table, which means more tasty treats for us to enjoy! Cheers, Planet Earth!

Just this morning, David Croll and Marcin Miller announced the founding of Number One Drinks Company Japan and their plans to build what is believed to be the first artisan gin distillery in Japan – The Kyoto Distillery! With the distillery’s premises secured in Kyoto, once the capital of Japan and sometimes known as The City of Ten Thousand Shrines, plans are to get the distillery running at some point during 2016 and start producing gin with a focus on Japanese botanicals.

It’s definitely worth mentioning that David Croll and Marcin Miller have been working together for the last 10 years exporting Japanese whiskies all over the world, during which the Japanese whisky category has received a massive amount of focus and positivity from all corners. You can bet they’ll draw on knowledge gained during their time working together when it comes making and distributing their forthcoming gins across the globe.

They’ve also got Alex Davies, who has been a distiller for Chase and the Cotswolds Distillery, on the team as their Head Distiller. He’ll have help from an Assistant Distiller who has over 20 years of experience (including some time distilling whisky in Scotland) and a well-respected Japanese former Master Distiller. Sounds like just the team you’d want behind those CARL stills they’ve ordered…

Alex Davies

Alex Davies!

As mentioned, their gins will have a focus on Japanese botanicals, which is rather exciting indeed. What’s more, they’ll be using a base spirit made from rice, which ought to have an interesting effect on the mouth-feel and flavour profile of the final spirit. There’s lots to be excited about going on with the Kyoto Distillery – roll on, 2016!


Hello Kyoto!