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Toast the royal wedding! We reimagine the Royal Family as cocktails

Charge your glasses and ready your bunting, folks – the royal wedding is officially upon us! To mark the occasion in the only way we know how, we’ve reimagined 10 of the royal family as cocktail serves. Enjoy!

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention (and apologies if you’ve been hiding from it all), tomorrow Prince Harry, sixth in line to the British throne, and Meghan Markle, actor and activist, will wed at Windsor Castle in what promises to be one of the most quintessentially British shindigs of the entire year.


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Vermouth 101: Could it be the next ‘gin’?


Packed with botanicals and historically rooted in medicine, cocktail staple vermouth has plenty in common with everyone’s favourite junipery tipple. But does the bittersweet, herbal aperitif have what it takes to knock gin from its perch? To find out, we set about demystifying the category.

It’s the pillar of the world’s greatest cocktails, and a must-have for any serious home bar – but what exactly is vermouth? In its most basic form, it’s a wine that has been aromatised (infused with botanicals) and fortified (livened up with distilled alcohol, usually grape brandy, to increase the abv).


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Celebrate Italian Cuisine Week with Campari cocktail pairings!

It’s officially Italian Cuisine Week – as if we’d even need a reason to indulge in the deliciousness that Italy has to offer. Armed with empty bellies and eager palates, we headed to Campari UK’s office in The Shard, London, for a food and cocktail-pairing masterclass.

In Italy, a mealtime is not simply for filling your stomach. It’s a convivial event that brings family and friends together, and a wholesome culinary experience. It’s an occasion to be shared and savoured.

“Convivial comes from ‘convivere’: living together,” enthused Pasquale Terracciano, Italian ambassador to the UK, as he introduced the evening. “It’s the idea that you spend time together, you eat and drink together. You don’t just meet to feed yourself, but to have an experience in the company of friends.”


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Once you’ve checked in, do you check out the travel retail spirits?

Jetting off somewhere exotic? Milling around in departures? Put down the giant Toblerone and step away from designer perfume – the travel retail spirits department is likely worth a visit…

A departure lounge is a strange little experience, isn’t it? You’re stuck in limbo, not quite on holiday, not quite home, held in a large brightly-lit pen where everything is perpetually open.

The most marvellous thing about it, we’re sure you’ll agree, is the spirits department. Here our favourite producers become daring, rolling out exclusive (and often, unusual) line extensions and creative sampling stations – virtual reality distillery tour, anyone?


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