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Tequila, it makes us happy. Find out why by checking out our latest musing regarding Tequila, right here.

The Nightcap: 13 July

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but not if you follow the world of booze! It’s been an action-packed week, and we have the glorious highlights right here, right now. It’s The Nightcap!

Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is here and it’s time to celebrate with something tasty. Perhaps a delish and straightforward dram. Or, as Beam Suntory was highlighting when we stopped by this week, a Highball in all its glory. Or a G&T, Daiquiri, Margarita… the possibilities are endless. And now we’re distracted.

So. The tumultuous week that was. England tumbled out of the World Cup (at the semi-final stage so we’re still pretty proud here at MoM Towers), Brexit was back in the headlines (did it ever leave?!), and the astonishing Thai Cave rescue came to a successful close (huge respect to the rescue team, and of course we remember Saman Kunan, the brave diver who tragically died while saving others).

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The Nightcap: 8 June

Jack Daniel’s-maker Brown-Forman lines up a new CEO, World Gin Day hype aplenty, and fizz in space? It can only be The Nightcap!

It’s Friday and the world’s most eclectic round-up of booze newses is back for another week! We’ve got a whole host of hot-off-the-press product launches, bar happenings galore and incoming CEOs up our sleeves. But first, let’s look back on the week that was…

While we were all recovering from the mega week-and-a-bit of Fèis Ìle 2018, Annie was bar flying-it-up at Artesian as the renowned bar team unveiled a new menu. Then, on Tuesday, she hightailed it over to The Zetter Townhouse to check out its partnership with cocktail maestro Tony Conigliaro… It’s a hard life.

On Wednesday, we had a look at your top 10 gins across Master of Malt to make what we think is a cracking list of must-tries ahead of World Gin Day (it’s tomorrow, team! Perhaps there’s just enough time to sneak in a next-day delivery…). Sticking with a theme, yesterday Adam caught up with Alex Kammerling, who just happens to have released a Kamm & Sons gin! Good timing, right?!

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The Nightcap: 25 May

Happy Friday, team! It’s a wrap on the week that was, which means we have another edition of The Nightcap for you! Read on for news of distillery developments, brilliant new bars, and intriguing product developments…

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday… (you’re welcome for the earworm). It’s time to down tools for the weekend and reflect on another seven days in drinks.

Before we crack on with The Nightcap proper, let’s recall another stellar week on the blog. On Monday we got set for the Chelsea Flower Show with Annie’s round-up of deliciously floral whiskies – whether plants are your thing or not, it’s a sublime list of sunny-day sippers. Then on Tuesday we were VERY excited. We got to share a sneak peek inside Macallan’s new distillery following our secret visit back in April. It’s definitely one to add to the bucket list!

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The Nightcap: 4 May

It’s Friday, it’s cocktail o’clock (here in the UK anyway), so there’s only one thing for it. Bring on this week’s round up of all things booze news: it’s The Nightcap!

Happy Star Wars Day, folks! Yep, somehow it’s May already. But no need to fear, The Nightcap is here, bringing you the biggest and booziest news stories from the last seven days!

But before we get into agave-fuelled business deals, new bottlings and all things baijiu, let’s recap the week that was. We kicked off proceedings on Monday with our latest charity auction: snap up the super-rare The Macallan 40 Year Old Sherry Oak and raise a marvellous chunk of moolah for our nominated charity, Malaria No More UK! On Tuesday, Adam reported back from the launch of The Singleton’s Malt Master’s Selection – a single malt looking to ‘do a Haig Club’ and make whisky accessible to new audiences. Will it be a success? Time will tell.

Then it was time to reveal not just May’s Dram Club contents, but also the results of the epic Battle of the Blends: Challenge No. 3. Who was victorious? Did your favoured blend win? Find out in the post. And finally, we checked in with The Lakes Distillery’s whiskymaker-in-chief, Dhavall Gandhi, who lifted the lid on his liquid experiments. Intriguing…

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The Nightcap: 20 April

What a week! Nothing ever stands still in the world of booze, but this has been a particularly exciting seven days. Buckle up, folks – The Nightcap is here!

As always, before proceeding it is imperative that we recall the week that was. On Sunday, we celebrated the wonder that is Glenfarclas 105 Day (did you crack open a dram to mark the 105th day of the year?). Then, on Monday, news reached MoM Towers that Diageo was investing a humongous £150 million in whisky tourism, taking in visitor centres across Scotland and even a fancy new Johnnie Walker experience. We can’t wait.


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International Women’s Day: Why we’re talking women and drinks this week

It’s International Women’s Day! We’re celebrating with a week of features championing a host of the drinks industry’s leading lights, who all happen to be women. Wondering why we’re bothering? Intrigued by the concept? What’s all this International Women’s Day (IWD) stuff got to do with booze anyway? Pour a drink and read on, my friend…

My name is Kristiane and I’m a whisky-drinking woman (and gin, Tequila… but let’s stay on track here). I’m also the editor here at Master of Malt. Just in case you’re residing under a rock or you’re still snowed in, cut off from civilisation (we shouldn’t joke, the Beast from the East took most of the UK out last week), today is International Women’s Day. It’s hashtags galore, Instagram inspo central, and there’s bandwagon jumping left, right and centre. In the very serious current climate of #TimesUp and #MeToo, and the centenary of the 1918 Suffrage Act in the UK, International Women’s Day 2018 was always going to be [rightfully] enormous. And ta-da! 8 March 2018 has heralded in the hugest International Women’s Day yet.

This is all well and good. But what’s IWD got to do with drinks? People of all genders appreciate delicious boozes, right? We’ve got equality down now. Next issue, please! But let’s wind it back a moment. As editor, I wanted to take a moment to explain why we chose to get behind IWD in the way we have. Grab that drink (flavour profile your prerogative, regardless of gender, obvs) and let’s get started.


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Get ahead with our ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide!

Mother's Day

Mums (and mum-like figures*) are pretty great. They listen to us moan when we get a parking ticket. They talk us out of buying life-sized Bigfoot statues. Some of them bake nice cakes. Mother’s Day (Sunday 11 March**) is an excellent reminder to make a fuss of her, and we reckon you should make the most of it.

For the most part, sweet treats are predictable and flowers scream ‘I bought this gift less than 10 minutes before coming over’. We’ve got a few preliminary suggestions, however. A statue of Putin riding a bear topless over Russia? A yodelling pickle? This unnecessary wall decal?

Perhaps not. If you’re keen to go one better than your siblings, buy her a bottle of something lovely this Mother’s Day. Better still, whip her up a cocktail with said booze. And you know what? She’ll probably share it, because she’s your mum and that’s what mums do.


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Bacardi buys Patrón Tequila for $5.1 billion!


¡Atención agave obsessives! Huge news from Bacardi – the family-owned firm is set to buy full control of Patrón Spirits International in a deal that values the best-selling Tequila producer at an eye-watering $5.1bn.

The transaction – which makes Diageo’s $1bn buyout of George Clooney & Co’s Casamigos brand pale in comparison – follows a “successful” decade-long relationship that has flourished since Bacardi (the world’s biggest privately owned spirits firm, by the way) bought a “significant minority stake” in Patrón way back in 2008.


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Whisky Advent 2017 Day #14: Mackmyra Brukswhisky (The Swedish Whisky)

We’ve arrived at day 14 of Drinks by the Dram’s Whisky Advent Calendar, and today we’re going so far north even the Scots might begin to feel the cold!

Day #14 has rolled around, meaning there’s only 10 days left of #WhiskyAdvent… *sad face*. To appropriately begin our Final Countdown*, we’ve hopped over to Sweden for this dram.

Satisfying your need-for-Swede (sorry), behind window #14 of Drinks by the Dram’s Whisky Advent Calendar is… Mackmyra Brukswhisky (The Swedish Whisky)!


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What will we be drinking in 2018? The IWSC looks ahead…

drinking in 2018

While 2017 might not be over quite yet – there are trees to be decorated, gifts to be wrapped, and many, many mince pies to be scoffed – we can’t help but ponder what we’ll be drinking in 2018. Luckily for us, the International Wine & Spirit Competition has pinpointed the key spirits trends that will shape the year ahead.

Last week, the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) hosted its Annual Awards Banquet at Guildhall, recognising the best producers in the biz for their exceptional bottlings. Since the folk behind the competition assess a phenomenal selection of spirits spanning all manner of categories, they’re particularly well-placed to identify the emerging trends that will inform what we fill our glasses with.


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