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Check out the latest on the region and spirit that is Cognac.

The Nightcap: 27 July

As a bevy of drinks companies post their full-year results, let’s get down to business with this week’s The Nightcap.

Greetings from another Friday! You’ve made it through a week, which is always an achievement of note and worthy of commemoration. As you settle into the weekend, do so with a brain full of booze news – get ready for another edition of The Nightcap!

Firstly, let’s look at the week that was here at MoM Towers. Our Annie chatted to whisky industry legend Charles MacLean, and then got us ready for London Mezcal Week by interviewing festival co-founders Thea Cumming and Melanie Symonds. Kristy introduced yet another whisky-based excursion to add to our ever-expanding bucket list with the Hebridean Whisky Trail. Sam said goodbye to Rum Month with a run-down of ace dark rums. Henry showed us why we shouldn’t fear the sommelier, and gave us a look at the new range of Mortlach whiskies due to hit shelves later this year. And finally Sam drilled down into Diageo’s results. On that note, on with The Nightcap booze news and those all-important numbers!

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Martell opens fancy rooftop bar in Cognac


Where better to enjoy a glass of Cognac than in actual Cognac? Well, Martell has upped the ante – and opened a smart rooftop bar not only in Cognac but at the top of the Gâtebourse Tower with panoramic views of the city and the Charente River. We’re revising our summer travel plans with haste…

If Cognac is your tipple of choice, you’ll be particularly excited by this development in the city that gives the spirit its name. Indigo by Martell is the newest rooftop bar in town – and we’ve already added it to our watering hole bucket list. It only kicked off proceedings last week!

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The Nightcap: 6 July

Happy Friday, team! Summer is ON (at least here in the UK) and there’s a certain football match on the agenda tomorrow… But before that comes around, it’s time to get an update from the world of booze. Bring on The Nightcap!

This week brought with it a new month as well as a whole new cohort of booze goings on – and of course a new Dram Club box for our subscribers, too! We took a sneak peek inside those packs of tastiness on Sunday.

On Monday we looked back to Fèis Ìle 2018 when Kilchoman founder Anthony Wills shared his plans for the distillery expansion project, and got part three of Annie’s Bourbon Series – this time it was Rob Samuels from Maker’s Mark in the spotlight.

The Glencairn glass has become synonymous with spirits (whisky in particular), and on Tuesday we met the family behind the business. Sales are soaring – it seems we can’t get enough fancy glassware to hold our boozes!

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The Nightcap: 22 June

Another week comes to a close, so it’s time for a round-up of booze stories to help you start your weekend with a brain full of knowledge – it’s The Nightcap!

It’s Friday! Unless you’re in Australia, where it’s probably next Wednesday. For those of you in Oz, keep powering through hump day. For everyone else, it’s time to grab a tasty beverage and have a gander at the booze news from this week with The Nightcap.

And today has been a news fest! If the Nightcap wasn’t enough for you, Macallan owner Edrington announced its financial results with a bit of a bang: as well as posting 7% growth, it also announced plans to sell Glenturret and Cutty Sark. Wowzers.

Elsewhere on the Master of Malt blog this week; Annie looked at the world of Bourbon alongside Jim Beam master distiller Fred Noe and picked out the blends you’ll want to boast about. Sam took a glance at Tomatin’s turnover (of the money variety, nothing to do with delicious baked goods). Kristy headed (just) north of the border to taste the first whiskies from the Annandale Distillery, and looked at how everyone goes to the pub when it’s sunny.

Henry didn’t quite share the enthusiasm for the sunny weather this week, as he introduced us all to Light Strike Awareness Day (it’s a thing), as well as showing off his knowledge of popular Scotch whiskies around the world, and exploring an upcoming Island distillery.

Phew. On the with booze news!

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Father’s Day: A bond in booze

Ahead of Father’s Day (it’s the 17th June, AKA this Sunday, if you’ve forgotten) our new features editor Henry Jeffreys shares how the likes of The Macallan shaped the bond between him and his dad

Fathers can be very forbidding figures, standing there by the mantelpiece in their top hats, mutton chop whiskers and tailcoats, smoking a pipe and looking all severe and Victorian. Or perhaps that’s just mine.


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Get in on the hybrid spirits trend with these delicious drops!

Any 2018 drinks trend round-up worth its salt will mention ‘hybrid spirits’. But what the hell are they, are they any good, and why should we bother anyway when the composite parts are already tasty on their own? We scoured the MoM warehouse shelves and found five delectable examples of the deliciousness that can occur when spirits worlds collide…

Gin that thinks it’s a wine? Whiskies made in one place and matured in another? Vodka with a hint of Cognac? For spirits purists (and many of the rest of us) the booze world has gone a bit bonkers of late. So-called hybrid spirits – where one or more drinks categories blur boundaries for a new expression, basically the Transformers of tipples – are billed as the innovative brave new world of liquor, developed to court picky consumers with a thirst for the original. But are they actually any good?

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The Nightcap: 20 April

What a week! Nothing ever stands still in the world of booze, but this has been a particularly exciting seven days. Buckle up, folks – The Nightcap is here!

As always, before proceeding it is imperative that we recall the week that was. On Sunday, we celebrated the wonder that is Glenfarclas 105 Day (did you crack open a dram to mark the 105th day of the year?). Then, on Monday, news reached MoM Towers that Diageo was investing a humongous £150 million in whisky tourism, taking in visitor centres across Scotland and even a fancy new Johnnie Walker experience. We can’t wait.


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The Nightcap: 13 April

Friday the 13th is unlucky for some, but not here at MoM Towers. We’ve got a treat of a Nightcap coming your way to round off the week!

As usual, it’s been a busy seven days in Drinks Land. Over on the blog this week we’ve brought you news of Jameson’s record-breaking year, a tour of English gin distilleries, and what could be the world’s largest Japanese whisky tasting. Plus, we announced the winner of our Esker Honey Spiced Gin ‘catshun competishunzz’ – congrats to our victor and six runners-up!


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The Nightcap: 26 January


This week in The Nightcap: Diageo’s boundary-pushing plans for Scotch whisky innovation come to light, Cognac house Louis XIII creates the world’s largest crystal decanter, and a Brazilian spirit distillery stakes its claim in Kentucky.

Haggis? Toasted. Bagpipes? Piped. Drams? Relished. Last night, revellers across the globe got busy celebrating the life and work of 18th-century Scottish poet Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns. There was whisky, poetry, ceilidhs, the occasional deep-fried Mars bar – and a distillery milestone to boot. But we’ll tell you more about that later, because it’s time to reflect back on blog-shaped goings-on…

This week we brought you the recipe for the World’s Best Martini following a gruelling competition in London, delved into the past, present and future of ‘drinking vinegars’ with Nonsuch Shrubs, and reflected on how the world’s first ‘female’ bar list highlighted gender imbalance in booze. Oh, and the world’s biggest privately-owned spirits firm (Bacardi) bought the parent company of best-selling ultra-premium Tequila brand Patrón for a whopping US$5 BILLION. Can’t forget that.


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Whisky Advent 2017 Day #24: The Half-Century Blend

Well folks, we made it. Christmas Eve. The final day of #WhiskyAdvent. The end of 2017’s Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar. But the proceedings go out on a high – so it’s not all bad!

If you’re the observant sort, you may have noticed that it’s Christmas tomorrow.

This very exciting prospect is, however, somewhat bittersweet. It means we’re onto our last day of Drinks by the Dram’s #WhiskyAdvent for another year. It’s been some ride though, hasn’t it?

So we find ourselves at the final window, number 24. We’re delighted to report that #WhiskyAdvent is finishing as strongly as it started t(remember that dram of Glenfarclas 25 Year Old?! That now seems so long ago…).

Give me your final drum roll people, as we unveil the final #WhiskyAdvent dram of 2017… It’s The Half-Century Blend!


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