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Introducing: Two new Method and Madness bottlings!

Irish Distillers has expanded the Method and Madness range once more with two new and typically experimental Irish whiskeys… Anyone for Virgin Hungarian Oak finish or Ruby Port Pipe Single Cask?

The very point of the Method and Madness brand, first launched in 2017, has always been to push boundaries and innovate. So it should be no surprise to any Irish whiskey fans that two fabulous and unconventional new bottlings are poised to launch from the famed Midleton Distillery: Method and Madness Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Finished in Virgin Hungarian Oak and Method and Madness Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 28 Year Old Ruby Port Pipe Single Cask.

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Win F1 tickets with Johnnie Walker!

Johnnie Walker F1

  • WIN a pair of Formula One Grandstand tickets for the British Grand Prix!
  • Snap up exceptional Johnnie Walker blended Scotch whiskies at an incredible price!
  • Give your dad the perfect present this Father’s Day!
  • We’ve teamed up with blended Scotch whisky legend Johnnie Walker to celebrate Father’s Day (it’s Sunday, 17 June in UK – don’t panic, there’s still plenty of time to get yourself sorted) by giving one lucky winner (and an even luckier plus-one) that chance to be in sparkling attendance at the British Grand Prix with a pair of Formula One Grandstand tickets!

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    Celebrate World Whisky Day with the The Malt Whisky Trail

    The Malt Whisky Trail

    With World Whisky Day taking place this Saturday, here at MoM Towers we thought we’d showcase The Malt Whisky Trail, a wonderful trek through stunning Speyside featuring classic distilleries and plenty of sublime Scotch whisky

    How are you planning on spending this World Whisky Day (Saturday 19th May – come to think of it, I have a feeling there’s some big event on that day…*)? I’m sure we’ll all enjoy some great whisky first and foremost, maybe even schedule a distillery visit, or try a new expression or style.

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    Caricatures and cocktails: Scarfes Bar shakes it up with new menu

    Scarfes Bar

    Master of Malt travelled to Scarfes Bar to speak to bar manager Martin Siska and head bartender Greg Almeida about how they and their dynamic bar team brought together mixology magic and mischievous artwork to create this year’s menu…

    What’s better than art? Art that incorporates alcohol – that’s what. Which is precisely what inspired the team at Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood Hotel, London when developing the 2018 cocktail menu.

    It’s a creative take on pop culture with 18 crafty creations based on the satirical work of the bar’s namesake, renowned British artist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe. Presented in the style of a beautifully vandalised copy of The Bartender’s Handbook of Fancy Cocktails & Concoctions, the new menu features drinks inspired by key cultural figures and events in recent British history from 2001 to 2018.

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    The Result of Battle of the Blends Challenge No. 3!

    Discover who came out on top in Whisky Magazine’s third Battle of the Blends: will it be George Keeble or new challenger Lyndsey Gray…?

    Back in March we announced the return of Battle of the Blends and that we needed your help to decide how it would be settled.

    The fates of reigning champion George Keeble, of Soho Whisky Club fame, and new challenger Lyndsey Gray, manager at The Quaich Bar at the Craigellachie Hotel, were in your hands. The task was simple: enjoy two delightful drams of blended whisky, one crafted by each competitor, and determine which effort was superior.

    Fast forward to now and you’ve made your collective choice. The votes are in, the tie is decided. It’s time to find out who has claimed all glory…


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    Introducing: The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection

    The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master's Selection

    Master of Malt meets Malt Master through a new Singleton expression from Dufftown Distillery: The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection!

    For us whisky-loving folk, there are few things we adore more than a big product launch to get all excited about. Diageo Reserve observed this fact, and so threw a big event to launch its latest labour of love: The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection!

    The label design has been reinvigorated, the palate has been tweaked and the motive is clear: this is a spirit that will try to appeal to a wider, modern and perhaps whisky-shy consumer base. “This isn’t supposed to be patronising – it’s supposed to be welcoming and engaging,” summarised Ervin Trykowski, global Scotch whisky ambassador at Diageo. “It’s supposed to be the opposite of how you’ve talked about Scotch whisky before.”

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    Jameson launches first cask-strength whiskey!

    Jameson Bow Street 18 Years Cask Strength

    Jameson has introduced its first cask-strength whiskey, championing the provenance of its Bow Street visitor attraction. And wow – we enjoy that extra ABV…

    It’s been a good year for Jameson. News that the Bow Street site welcomed more than 350,000 visitors in just twelve months was followed by parent company Pernod Ricard’s announcement that sales grew 12% in the first half of its financial year. Now the Irish whiskey giant is keeping the good times rolling with the launch of Jameson Bow Street 18 Years Cask Strength.


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    London Calling: How single malt returned to the capital at Bimber Distillery


    Join us as we head to Bimber Distillery to talk about its English single malt whisky: how to make it, what it will taste like and the exciting future ahead, all in a week when England celebrated St. George’s Day!

    Since the 1905 closure of the Lea Valley Distillery and the subsequent end of barley-based whisky production in England, it has taken quite some time for the category to get back on its feet. While Scotch whisky has continued to thrive and has retained an enviable international regard, and Irish whisky has turned its luck around, English whisky production is still in its relative infancy. But times are changing, and changing fast.

    We are undoubtedly in the most exciting period for the category yet; modern English whisky makers are refusing to rest on their laurels, or curse the success of their Celtic counterparts. Instead, distilleries such as St. George’s Distillery, East London Liquor Company, Adnams and Hicks & Healey are releasing various interpretations of English whisky, while Copper Rivet Distillery, The Cotswolds Distillery, The Lakes Distillery, Wharf Distillery, The London Distillery Company, Spirit of Yorkshire, Cooper King, and Bimber Distillery are all close to putting quintessentially English whisky on our shelves.

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    English Sparkling Wine: MoM gets into the Gusbourne groove


    With St. George’s Day approaching, we wanted to celebrate the growing strength of the English sparkling wine category. Luckily for us, Gusbourne was more than happy to accommodate.

    There was a time when the mere mention of English wine would result in raised eyebrows, audible laughter or visible disgust – but those days are long behind us. Wine production in England has come an awfully long way in the last 20 years, particularly for sparkling wine in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

    Champagne is no longer the automatic festive tipple, Michelin star restaurant menus no longer list token bottles and England’s homegrown sparkling wines have proved hugely successful in blind tastings and numerous competitions. Taittinger even became the first French label to invest in English sparkling wines.

    According to Wines of Great Britain (the official body for the UK wine industry), in 2015 the number of commercial vineyards in England totalled 502, while the number of wineries stood at 133. In 2017, one million vines were planted in the UK, the largest number ever planted in a single year, while hectarage has doubled in the last 8 years and is set to grow by a further 50% by 2020.

    English fizz is rising to the top, thanks to producers such as Gusbourne. This week, the team of Kent-based wine wizards kindly let MoM explore their wonderful vineyards and winery while they explained the brand’s process and ethos.


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    A St. George’s Day tour of England and gin!

    St George's Day gin

    St. George’s Day is on the horizon, and to celebrate we thought we’d take you on a trailblazing tour checking out as many examples of English-distilled gin excellence from our fantastic cities as it’s possible to cram into one blog post.

    Gin is brilliant, isn’t it? It’s so good that seemingly everybody is trying their hand at creating their own editions and variants. While that may bring many a dubious product onto an already flooded market, the locality does also mean that regions, cultures and styles can easily be represented through intuitive botanical selection and an appreciation of regional customs and heritage.

    This is certainly the case in a number of locations across England, with which gin shares such a rich and interesting history (there’s a whole style named after the capital, for goodness sake). In light of this fact, we thought a great way to mark the coming St. George’s Day on 23 April would be to showcase and champion just a handful of the sublime spirits created by a selection of brilliant English distillers. It should at least make a nice change of pace from having to sit through morris dancing and Punch and Judy* shows…


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