Sun’s out, rum’s out! Pub sales soar as the sun shines

New data out today confirms what pretty much everyone already knew – when the sun shines on the UK, we head to beer gardens in our droves. During the near-tropical month of May, sales in pubs soared 3.5%!

We Brits love to talk about the weather. The only thing we adore more than talking/complaining/commiserating about it is basking in it when the sun shows its face. That, and drinking in it, of course.

And now there’s proof! The boffins at Coffer Peach Business Tracker have crunched the sums, and we collectively spent 3.5% more in pubs during sunny May compared to last year. But while we flocked en masse to beer gardens up and down the land, restaurants suffered, reporting a 2.1% drop in sales on average.

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Summer spirits trends? Agave and Asian spirits top the charts

We take a look at 2017’s hottest summer spirits trends – based on what you’re drinking right now.

With the sun presumably shining, what better way to toast the long summer days than with a top tipple? Whether it’s holiday serves or sippers, a little liquid indulgence goes a long way to add to that sunny feel-good factor. And you, our wonderful customers, clearly agree. We shipped 60% more spirits bottles this June and July than during the same two months in 2016 – which means more of you than ever enjoyed a summer drink from Master of Malt.

But it’s not all kicking back with a cocktail. We’ve spotted that you’re a savvy bunch indeed, with your seasonal sipping choices well ahead of the curve when it comes to summer spirits trends. And this is especially true when it comes to agave-based drinks and Asian spirits.

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