Q&A: Teeling Whisky Company’s Alex Chasko!

With St Patrick’s Day coming up on 17 March, it seems as good a time as any to catch up with Teeling Whiskey Company’s master distiller, Alex Chasko. We get the latest from the Irish whiskey distillery, and talk progressiveness in production, on-site developments, and what the influx of new distilleries means for the sector.

Are we entering the golden age of Irish whiskey? It certainly seems so. Historically there have been just four distilleries on the island of Ireland: Midleton, Bushmills, Kilbeggan and Cooley. Now there are 18 up and running, with another 16 at the planning permission stage. Growth is poised to be tremendous – and with so many new players coming on to the scene, the character of the category could shift significantly.

One of the newer players – yet with historic roots which can be traced back to 1782 – is the Dublin-based Teeling Distillery. Officially opened in 2015 by brothers Jack and Stephen Teeling, the distillery identifies as “progressive”, with a whopping 25% of its output dedicated to whiskey experiments. Its expressions are pretty tasty, too.

Teeling’s distiller is Alex Chasko, an Oregon-born Heriot-Watt Brewing & Distilling graduate who joined the company from Cooley in 2012. Who better to talk us through the Teeling operations, and give his view on the rapidly transforming Irish whiskey sector of today? Grab a dram (Irish, of course), pull up a pew and let’s get stuck in…

Don’t forget, until St Patrick’s Day you can get £5 off a bottle of Teeling Single Malt, AND win a totally one-of-a-kind fancy-pants single cask expression selected and bottled by Alex himself!


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Put poitín first this St. Patrick’s Day


As the world gears up to celebrate all things Emerald Isle, at MoM Towers we want to present the case for its oldest spirit, poitín! We take a look at the past, present and future of the drink with help from Teeling Whiskey and London’s The Sun Tavern bar, plus we check out some cracking cocktail suggestions and explore top bottlings.

St. Patrick’s Day, observed annually on 17 March, is generally a divisive occasion. For some it is all fun and festivities, celebrating the Irish people and their contribution to the world. For others, it is an infuriating time of year, a day of international patronisation, stereotyping and cultural appropriation that leads to a night out only possibly outdone by New Year’s Eve on the ‘God, why did I bother?’ scale.

But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a good time this St. Patrick’s Day, or cherishing the Irish in you (no matter how dubious the connections). So why not leave the leprechaun outfits at home, along with the references to ‘drink’, ‘potatoes’, ‘to be sure to be sure’ and ‘top of the morning’, and celebrate it with a new terrific tipple. A surprising spirit with a rich history, cocktail potential and huge taste. No, not whiskey – poitín!


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Win a super-special single cask Teeling Irish whiskey for St Patrick’s Day!

  • WIN a fancypants, one-of-a-kind, specially-created-for-you decanter of Teeling Irish Whiskey hand-drawn and signed by the distillery’s very own master distiller Alex Chasko from a 1991 single malt cask. Your name will even be on the label!
  • Enjoy £5 off Teeling Single Malt right up until St Patrick’s Day!
  • Delicious, delicious single malt Irish whiskey AND the chance to win something fabulous… what more could you want this March?!
  • It’s that time of year again. St Patrick’s Day (17 March) is just around the corner and we increasingly find ourselves reaching into our drinks cabinets for a drop of something tasty from the Emerald Isle (we do this throughout the year, but nothing quite hits the spot quite like Irish whiskey in early March…). So we’re super excited to team up with Teeling Whiskey to give you the chance to win a very special bottling from a 1991 single malt cask!


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    World Whiskies Awards and World Drinks Awards Winners

    World Drinks Awards World Whiskies Awards 2016

    Yesterday saw the World’s Best whiskies and spirits crowned at the World Drinks Awards, including the World Whiskies Awards.

    Before we get into the results though, some good news! Drinks by the Dram have once again teamed up with the World Drinks Awards to create an easy way to taste a whole bunch of these award winners! Head over to our World Drinks Awards 2016 page to browse their selection of 8 different World Whiskies Awards and World Drinks Awards Winners Tasting Sets.


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    Whisky Advent Day 22: Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

    Whisky Advent Calendar

    Just three days until Christmas and, including today’s, just three drams left in The Whisky Advent Calendar. Slightly bittersweet perhaps, with Christmas being completely awesome but having to say goodbye to a new whisky every day… Fortunately Drinks by the Dram have thought of that, and have a range of dram-filled Christmas Crackers too!

    For now some fine drams remain, however, with another Irish whiskey to enjoy behind window 22 courtesy of those Teeling boys. First their family gave us the independent Cooley distillery (producing the excellent Connemara Peated single malt and Greenore single grain, for example), purchased by Beam in 2011, and now in 2015 they’ve opened the first whisky distillery in Dublin for 125 years!


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    #BagThisBottle Twitter Competition

    #BagThisBottle Twitter Competition

    Fancy getting your grubby mitts/filthy paws/noodly appendages on some free whisk(e)y? Then you’re in for a treat, as we’re running a competition which could bag you a bottle of spectacular whisk(e)y in just a few clicks of your mouse!

    Alright, here’s the 4-1-1, folks. Every day of our #BagThisBottle campaign, we’ll be giving away a different bottle to a different lucky winner on Twitter. To be in with a chance to win, you’ll need to…

    1) Follow the Master of Malt Twitter account.

    2) Follow the Twitter account of that day.

    3) Retweet our daily competition tweet before 08:59 (GMT) the following day.

    With those three simple tasks completed, you’ll be in with a chance of winning! But what could you win? Read on to find out (and also check out the Terms & Conditions below too!)…


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    Find a Four-Leaf Clover And Win In Our St. Patrick’s Day Competition!

    St Patrick's Day 2015 Irish Whiskey Tasting Set

    If you take a glance up at the sky, you might notice that the rolling blanket of grey clouds that we’ve become acquainted with for the past 6 months is sometimes briefly replaced with a flaming ball of hot plasma. That fact that we can catch a glimpse of it means the cosmic grip of winter is waning and spring is on its way to thaw us out.

    This also means that St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us! To celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick (and the fact that the Sun hasn’t left us and ran off with some other planet like COROT-7b), we’re running a little competition which could result in you getting your hands on some fabulous Irish whiskey!


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    Whisky Santa’s Whisky Advent Day 6: Spirit of Hven Single Malt

    Spirit of Hven Single Malt

    It’s Day 6 already! How time flies when you’re having fun! That said, time is irrelevant to omniscient supernatural beings such as myself. I’ve seen the fall of empires and the birth of new stars in the sky…

    Speaking of stars, behind the sixth window of your Whisky Advent Calendars, you’ll find a dram of Swedish single malt from the Spirit of Hven distillery, named after Merak, a star in the Ursa Major constellation. It’s the second release in their spectacular ‘Seven Stars’ series of whiskies. It’s just the ticket if you’re keen for a winter warmer, which you may be looking for if you visit the tiny craft distillery on the island of Hven in the Öresund strait at this time of year!


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    Whisky Santa’s Whisky Advent Day 2: Teeling Small Batch

    Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

    The second day of Whisky Advent is upon us already and what’s behind the second window of the Whisky Advent Calendar?… Why it’s Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey!

    The Teeling family were of course the good folk behind the independent Cooley distillery (creating the excellent Connemara Peated single malt and Greenore single grain, for example) before it was eventually bought by Beam. Fortunately, they weren’t away for long and soon released Teeling Small Batch, a blend of selected casks of Irish malt and grain, finished for six months in ex-Flor de Caña Rum casks! In early 2015 they’ll have a shiny new distillery opening in the heart of Dublin too, one of many new projects on the island.


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    Will Grain Whisky be promoted to the Big League as David Beckham signs for Haig Club?

    David Beckham

    Ah, David Beckham. What a fine figure of a man. And now one who’s set to join the whisky industry as the face of Haig Club single grain whisky (from Cameronbridge distillery) as well as becoming actively involved in the marketing of the brand along with his manager Simon ‘Spice Girls’ Fuller. A couple of stories here then – massive celebrity endorsement of a Scotch whisky, and the planned launch of another single grain following William Grant & Sons’ Girvan Patent Still.

    You may have seen the Girvan range launch at the end of last year – it’s the first single grain from William Grant, or the first official bottling from Girvan, or the first bottling “under the emblem” of the Girvan still… or something.


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