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10 drinks that taste as good as they look

Boozes that taste as good as they look

We all know that the most important feature of a spirit is how it tastes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate an elegant or innovative bottle every now and then…

Did you know that numerous studies have shown that when food or drink looks good it effectively makes it taste better, too? We just can’t help but be drawn by beautiful things, be it the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or Beyoncé (Aurora Bey-ealis). So it stands to reason that a thoughtful, creative spirits presentation could make a difference. And we’re down for anything that means a more enjoyable dram…

Let’s be clear: we’re not judging a book by its cover. A truly great expression has to have the substance to match its style. We’ll only settle for a celebration of the complete package.

With this in mind, we thought we’d have a lovely little rummage through the shelves at MoM Towers to find the fairest of them all. We present to you our list of 10 drinks that taste as good as they look!


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For Christmas this year…

Dear Santa

With plans to make Christmas 2013 closely resemble a night out with Charles Bukowski during his downtime, I’ve been thinking hard about what booze I want. Historically, I would have written to Santa Claus, but I recently read a thought-provoking essay by biologist Dickie Dawkins and now no longer believe in his existence. This, then, is an open letter to anyone who knows me and wants to get me the boozes.


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Bar Review – Purl


It’s an easy term to bandy around (and god knows I’m possibly more guilty of doing so than most), but from time to time, one is simply so taken aback that the term “astonishing” is really all that fits the bill. I found myself using that particular word on approximately a dozen occasions, when my good lady wife and I visited Purl earlier this year.

Just as it is usually possible to accurately assess the competence of a curry house by ordering a simple Madras, the ‘control’ drink in any half-decent cocktail bar, for me, is a martini cocktail. Good glassware – points; correctly chilled glass – yet more points; really, really good Sicilian lemons for the twist, many points. If, however, as in the case of one restaurant recently visited who shall remain nameless – you serve it in a chipped glass, complete with crushed ice, and a slice of lemon, you’re scoring very low indeed. More…

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Making A Bitter Rum Chocolatsky – by Chris Hoban

Cocktail Ingredients

Continuing on in our series of guest cocktail posts, we are thrilled to bring you Chris Hoban, who writes for the excellent Edinburgh Whisky Blog – a detailed, brilliantly written site about all things whisky and drinks related.

Joshua Hatton

Chris’ brief was simple: concoct a delicious winter cocktail using our 8 Year Old Blend and our new Whisky Bitters. This is what Chris came up with… More…

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