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Beefeater is one of the oldest and most recognised London Dry Gins in the world. Check out the latest Beefeater news and cocktail ideas right here.

How did The Glenlivet, Chivas Regal and Jameson perform in 2018?

With Pernod Ricard’s full-year sales results hot off the press, we take a peek at how the likes of Scotch whiskies The Glenlivet and Chivas Regal, Ireland’s Jameson, Cognac brand Martell and Absolut vodka fared in 2017/18. Spoiler alert: Scotch wasn’t the star of the show…

It’s results season, folks! Big companies left, right and centre are publishing their annual (or quarterly) reports, giving us an insight into how they’re getting on sales-wise. Today it’s the turn of Pernod Ricard to disclose its full-year data to the end of June. We had a nose through the docs and crunched the numbers to see how some of the world’s biggest drinks brands got on…

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The Nightcap: 18 May

It’s Friday, which means the weekend is here – and with it we’ve got another edition of The Nightcap! Read on for your handy digest of the week’s biggest booze news, all in one useful place!

It’s Friday, folks! Congratulations on making it through another week. It’s been a busy one in the world of all things sippable, so we suggest you get comfy, pour yourself a dram/G&T/anything else that takes your fancy, and join us as we recall another busy seven days in drinks.

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Hone your cocktail skills with Beefeater MIXLDN winner Maxim Shulte!

cocktail competition

Earlier this month, Maxim Schulte triumphed at the seventh annual Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition with his mouth-watering serve, Stack of Fortune. We caught up with the Macau-based bartender to discover the secrets behind crafting an award-worthy cocktail…

Regardless of whether you’re an expert behind the stick or a wistful amateur, there’s always room to hone your cocktail skills. And who better to glean advice from than a drink-slinging champ?

Introducing Maxim Schulte of The Ritz Carlton in Macau. After an intense four-challenge cocktail showdown in London, he beat 30 other finalists from across the globe to clinch the sought-after accolade of Beefeater MIXLDN 7 Global Bartender Champion – so he knows better than anyone how to create a cracking drink.

His winning cocktail, Stack of Fortune, won over an expert panel that comprised the likes of Ryan Chetiyawardana of Dandelyan, Doug McMaster of Cub, Alessandro Palazzi of Dukes, Simon Difford of Difford’s Guide, Beefeater global brand ambassador Sumaiyah Connolly, and Beefeater master distiller (and all-round gin legend) Desmond Payne MBE. So you could say he comes highly recommended.

Here, Schulte shares his top tips for experimenting with flavour, muses over the next big cocktail trend and offers up some advice for those considering competing professionally…


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Think pink: Introducing Beefeater London Pink!

Leave your preconceptions at the door – the pink gin trend is going nowhere. Beefeater has become the latest distillery to jump on the bandwagon with the launch of its new strawberry-flavoured variant, Beefeater London Pink. Spoiler alert: it’s delicious.

It’s nigh-on impossible to have missed the flurry of pink gins that have entered the category over the last year, so kudos to you if you managed it. Keen to capitalise on the ‘millennial pink’ movement, a plethora of producers have concocted their own rose-coloured creations, sending juniper purists shouting unintelligible swear words into pillows (probably).

You might think Beefeater is a little late to the party, and you’d be right – but it turns out there’s a pretty good reason. As with any fledgling spirits trend, there have been some excellent pink gin releases, and there have been others with, shall we say, questionable flavours (read: saccharine sweet, artificial, a bit naff). Beefeater has been busy refining the recipe to get it bang on.


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Beefeater Global Bartender Competition 2014: MIXLDN

Beefeater Global Bartender Competition 2014 MIXLDN


The Beefeater Global Bartender Competition (now the fourth biggest cocktail competition in the world, we’re told) brought finalists from 30 separate countries together in London this week for 2014’s grand final.

Last time around Jason Williams from Sydney’s The Rook took the crown with the brilliantly named ‘Werewolves of London’*, a drink that used our Frankincense Bitters! (You can now find the new and improved version of these Frankincense Bitters as part of the Bitter Bastards range.) This year, after three days of intense judging, we can reveal that the Global Champion is Brandon Phillips from The Duck Inn in Chicago. Congratulations Brandon!


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Master of Cocktails – (1970s) Negroni

Master of Cocktails 1970s Negroni

This week we have a very special #MasterofCocktails as we’re indulging in some cocktail porn – or, more accurately, some utter, unrepentant cocktail filth.

We’re going to be making a Negroni, but with ingredients that all come from the 1970s! Not a cheap serve this, admittedly, but it is completely, unequivocally epic so you do very much need to get involved still. Sorry.

Incognito window open? Let’s get to it then…


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Master of Cocktails – Bloody Mary

Master of Cocktails Bloody Mary

This week we’re making a classic drink on #MasterofCocktails – a Bloody Mary. We’ll get through this, and then I’ll explain what you should have made instead. Clear? Good.

Now for me, when it comes to Bloody Marys, it’s all about seasoning. Hence the (frankly ridiculous) list of ingredients.

What we’re after is something to compliment the umami-rich flavour of tomato juice and work with the spice of the Worcestershire sauce. These are really the two key ingredients in this drink, and we’re aiming to add to them.


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Hottest Summer Ever

 Here Comes The Sun

When we flung open the MoM shutters this morning we were greeted with the sound of birds chirping and children playing as blissful sunshine poured into the room.


We’ve earned this summer, having had the coldest winter for 31 years! Just imagine our chagrin last year, when the Met Office promised us a “barbecue summer” and instead we were given drizzle, and lots of it.


Positive Weather Solutions (who have been a tad more reliable than the Met Office and have a pleasingly optimistic name) have predicted Summer 2010 to be a record breaker, with a good chance of temperatures exceeding 2003’s high of 38.5C. This is good news indeed. More…

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