Golden Dram Competition

We’re offering five of you a year’s supply of whisky…

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, it’s real, so get used to it!

“What does this mean, will things ever be the same again?”

This is the most awesome thing ever, it changes everything.

To enter this phenomenal competition, all you need to do is buy one of our cracking new dram sets. There are 24 different dram sets to choose from, and each contains 5 delicious 3cl samples (beautifully labelled and wax-dipped). We’ve also taken the liberty of tasting every different whisky and writing detailed tasting notes which we’ve included in the sets for your supping pleasure.

The dram sets are specially put together by our tasting team, and they are an incredible chance to try all sorts of amazing spirits. We’ve got Whiskies of the World, Regions of Scotland, Super Peaty, Bourbon, Brandy and many more…

We’ve hidden “Golden Drams” in five lucky sets, and if you find a Golden Dram before the end of November 2010, you’ve won! We were inspired by this:

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A year’s supply of whisky is essentially the Gold Membership into our new Dram Club, another new feature which we’re thrilled to tell you about…

Whisky Tasting Sets

Dram Club

Dram Club is the ultimate way to experience the world’s greatest spirits. The first rule of Dram Club you don’t talk about dram club. The second rule of Dram Club is to disregard the first rule of Dram Club, and shamelessly promote Dram Club as much as possible.

There are three levels of Dram Club membership

Bronze Dram Club Membership (£84.95) includes;

– A 5 dram box-set every three months

– Two Glencairn tasting glasses

Silver Dram Club Membership (£249.95) includes;

– 5 new whiskies to try every month

– Two Glencairn tasting glasses

Gold Dram Club Membership (£499.95) includes;

– 10 new and exciting drams every month (a year’s supply of whisky)

– Two Glencairn tasting glasses.

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– The Chaps at Master of Malt –