Richard Paterson Movember Whisky

Everyone knows the mighty moustache is the greatest bastion of masculinity; it’s a symbol of true manhood. Once a year, the chaps in the Master of Malt offices are granted the tremendous opportunity of being able to relentlessly rip on the one or two gentlemen incapable of growing anything more than a bumfluffy disgrace, all thanks to Movember.

(The writer of this post is sporting a handsome development, even after just a few days of growth…)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name of the game…

Movember (the name is a portmanteau of “Moustache” and “November”) was founded in 2004 as a charity which raises awareness and money for various men’s health issues. It’s also a perfect trump card for our anti-tache other halves because, at the beginning of November every year, men must shave, then grow a moustache for the duration of the month, in order to spread the word of a very good cause.

We’ve done our bit for Movember by releasing 840 bottles of stunning, limited edition whisky for the charity. All the profits go directly to Movember UK, and this year we’ve upped our game even more by designing stunning pop art-style cartoon labels, with images of five leading whisky industry pros.

We’ve teamed up with a handsomely hirsute group of marvelously mustachioed whiskymen, including Richard Paterson of Dalmore and Whyte and Mackay, known to many as “The Nose” for his incomparable tasting and blending skills; Serge Valentin, the founder of and a whisky connoisseur with a library of tasting notes for an astonishing number of whiskies; Marcin Miller, the co-founder and editor of Whisky Magazine, and a very respected industry icon; Charlie MacLean, one of whisky’s most respected writers, with tremendous nosing abilities and last but not least, Dave Broom, a world famous author, whisky taster and spirits writer.

Check out the incredible looking bottles

The Movember Whiskies

You can browse the selection of Movember whiskies here.

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