Not the Oscars

Twitter is all a-buzz like a bag of bees in a barber shop with lots of gossip about winners. They must have heard that we were announcing the winner of our Balblair competition today! It could have been because there was a massive academy awards show on TV just the other night or it could be about us. But as there have been no good films made since Back To The Future in 1985, all the gossip must be about our competition!

This does beg the question: Who leaked this information about us announcing the Balblair competition winner to Twitter?

When it comes to things going wrong with our website, suspect number 1 is, as always, the Colobus monkey.

Colobus monkey with phone

Look, the Colobus monkey’s even got a phone! He probably told Twitter all about it!

Despite the potential leaks, they didn’t get their hands on the name of winner of the Balblair competition! They don’t know who that lucky soul is that will be getting a VIP trip to the Balblair distillery including a tasting of the excellent Balblair Vintage range.

Balblair distillery

The beautiful Balblair distillery in the Highlands.

We’ve got the scoop and are happy to announce that the winner is…

Mr Stanley Argiris!

Congratulations to Stanley! Not only did he get himself a tasty bottle of the second release of Balblair 1990, he’s gone and bagged himself a trip to see where it was made.

He also tells us that he’ll be visiting the distillery during his first trip to the UK! We can think of no better introduction to our little island than visiting the home of this tremendous single malt Scotch whisky. Enjoy yourself, Stanley, and if you see a Colobus monkey during your travels around the UK, tell it to stay away from our website!

Colobus Monkeu

That’s right, I’m talking about you, Colobus monkey! Hands off!