Balblair distillery

What time is it? There are countless pop-culture references I could make in response to that question, including Beastie Boys lyrics, video game quotes and good old-fashioned internet memes (see below), but I think I’ll just be super sensible today and say it’s Competition time!!!

You might think that making up a new time of the day to go along with ‘lunch time’ and ‘dinner time’ (which is much more sinister if you grew up playing ‘What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?’) isn’t very sensible, but you can’t argue with winning awesome prizes, can you?

Meme stop posting

I’ll blog all I want, cat! Don’t tell me what to do! You don’t even wear trousers!

We’re giving away a trip for two to the Balblair distillery up in the Scottish Highlands, complete with travel from within the UK, a tour of the distillery, a tasting of the Balblair Vintages range of whiskies and a night in a nearby hotel with dinner and breakfast included.

Timing is massively important to Balblair, who only release their vintage whiskies when they’re ready. By not putting an age statement on their bottles, they let the fantabulous whiskies talk for themselves, and they all seem to be saying “These Balblair chaps have got this timing lark down!”

John MacDonald Balblair

Balblair distillery manager John MacDonald and some casks we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on. Hint hint.

Like all good Heroes of Time they even have ‘Time Capsule’ rooms that explain the history of the distillery. Much more interesting than the time capsule I buried in the garden when I was 8. All that had in it was a copy of The Dandy, some Pokemon cards and a packet of Salt and Lineker crisps from the 1998 World Cup.

Lineker crisps

Okay, these were actually pretty cool.

For a chance to win the trip for two to the Balblair distillery, all you’ve got to do is simply purchase any full bottle (70cl) of qualifying Balblair whisky before the 7th of February or before 250 bottles have been sold. If you’re the winner, you’ll be off to travel through time with the Balblair folks! (Not literally. They’re geniuses at whisky, not bending the space-time continuum.)

Balblair delorean

Nope, no time machines here. Not even one.

Cat in trousers